[Qt-creator] Annoyance with 4.11

Vitaly Fanaskov vitaly.fanaskov at qt.io
Thu Feb 20 13:33:00 CET 2020

> For personal reason, i had to switch from a friendly 24/7 open source
> user to a 8h/day, 5d/w commercial user.
But then, I'd recommend you using commercial software or a free software 
developing and maintaining by a big corporation with a good funding.

As far as I know, you don't have to pay for Qt Creator, it's not a part 
of Qt license. There are a few commercial plugins and that's it. Please 
correct me if I'm mistaken.

I've been using this IDE for a few years for both commercial and 
opensource development, but I've never considered Qt Creator as a 
commercial product. Qt Creator's team and community are doing a great 
job, no doubts. What I'm talking about is a slightly different level of 


All of the above is my personal opinion.

On 2/20/20 10:45 AM, Christian Gagneraud wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Feb 2020 at 21:52, Christian Kandeler
> <Christian.Kandeler at qt.io> wrote:
>> On Wed, 19 Feb 2020 11:01:32 +1300
>> Christian Gagneraud <chgans at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> But my point was quite simple:
>>> QtC 4.11 is broken, and has been released untested (or was knowingly
>>> buggy), it doesn't seem to be anywhere near release quality (or i'm
>>> really unlucky).
>> This sounds quite hyperbolic, considering that your problem is just that the project tree structure looks slightly different from what you'd prefer.
> This sounds quite reverse hyperbolic. Like you're over-minimising the
> impact of this bug.
> For personal reason, i had to switch from a friendly 24/7 open source
> user to a 8h/day, 5d/w commercial user.
> The project explorer is a GUI component that assists the user with
> graphically exploring a project.
> The screenshots i sent recently clearly show a regression, not a
> 'preference issue'.
> Please as well take a note of my comment about cmake plugin being
> immature, my hate of this build system is orthogonal with the problem.
> If it's not ready, it should be marked as such. There's no exemption.
> Some of QtC plugins have been marked as experimental for 5+ years.
> And IMHO the regression nature of this problem (what i refer to as an
> 'annoyance' in my original email) is backed by the fact that it was
> fixed with QtC-4.12. You wouldn't fix a non-problem, would you?
> What i'm surprised, and unhappy with is that there's no bug fix
> available with the now-commercial-only Qt SDK installer, and my
> current Qt install is broken (I'm paid to use QtC 8 hours a day, and
> right now i cannot rely on your commercial offering, they just don't
> work) . You rely on me to be an 'advanced' user. Unfortunately this
> time is now gone.
> The only option i got from the installer was to install an obsolete
> QtC 4.11 preview version. WTF?!?
> This doesn't look serious to me. You guys failed on that one, and it's
> OK, shit happens.
> If you're serious with getting the business up to scratch, you better
> have to deliver commercial solutions up to scratch.
> I am highly unimpressed with the 'commercial' solution so far.
> With all due respect, please always take my emails with a pinch of
> salt - But not too much, i really mean what i said! :P
> Chris
> PS: I was told about the fact that none of the 'business' guy listen
> to this ML. Unfortunately my commercial leverage is close to minus
> infinity.
> We're a minority using QtC here, and given the 'bug' reported above,
> and the reaction form the the Qt Company, my job of helping you with
> getting developers adopt QtC in favour of, say MS VS or Android studio
> is quite slim.
> **** I would look ridiculous to show them the screenshot i sent to you ***
> Do you understand?
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