[Qt-creator] Annoyance with 4.11

Tino Pyssysalo tino.pyssysalo at qt.io
Thu Feb 20 14:23:18 CET 2020

On 20.2.2020, 11.46, "Qt-creator on behalf of Christian Gagneraud" <qt-creator-bounces at qt-project.org on behalf of chgans at gmail.com> wrote:
    > PS: I was told about the fact that none of the 'business' guy listen
    > to this ML. Unfortunately my commercial leverage is close to minus
    > infinity.

Yes, there are business guys or at least "proxies" (product management),
who closely follow this mailing list. I actually had a discussion about 
QtC with the head of sales some hours ago - not exactly this topic, but 
the QtC business value in general. You can be sure he'll see your post. 

Tino Pyssysalo

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