[Qt-creator] RFC: Dropping support for Python 2.x for GDB/LLDB #2

André Pönitz apoenitz at t-online.de
Wed Feb 26 23:09:02 CET 2020

    "As you may know, Qt Creator heavily uses Python in the Debugger
    plugin to interact with the "real" debuggers (GDB, LLDB, CDB, PDB).

    Currently the scripts in the glue code works with both Python
    2.7 and 3.x. This is a workable setup, but makes it a bit
    unpleasant to test and maintain and in some code paths less
    efficient than a 3.x-only setup.

    I am therefore pondering the idea of dropping support for Python 2.x,
    and I'd like to gauge the potential heat such a move will draw."

For those that have a déjà-vu now: All good. And yes, that's the same as in


Mac/LLDB was using Python 2.7 and there was Denis' concern in 


that this might affect BareMetal users held us back back then.

Times have changed.  Mac/LLDB is now on 3.x.

Regarding BareMetal: This is really about the host side, the "server" is
not affected directly. So I am not aware of any concrete setup that would
be ill-affected by requiring 3.x

On the potential benefit side: There are scenarios where there's a ~25%
performance gain *just* by using Python 3.x, and there are a few complications
in the the current code base to run with both 2.x and 3.x.

So: Does anyone know a concrete scenario that would be broken and not be
easily fixable when the debugger would change to require Python 3.x (x >= 4,
possibly 7)?


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