[Qt-creator] Qt Creator 4.11 frequently becomes non-responsive

Adam Light aclight at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 18:40:17 CET 2020

On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 3:08 AM Nikolai Kosjar <Nikolai.Kosjar at qt.io> wrote:

> Closing the document should abort the preprocessor at the next #include
> directive it encounters. Until then, the UI blocks. In your case, it
> seems to take too much time until this point is reached.
Most of what I'm doing is opening .h files in my project and checking that
they don't #include unnecessary files. My workflow is to use Windows
Explorer to select 20-30 header files in a single directory and drag that
selection into Creator to open the files. Other than 1 or 2 .pri/.pro
files, I don't start out with any other files open. I then look at each
file to check the #includes. Most of the files are fine and don't need to
be modified. But if I click the X in the open documents list to close the
file, Creator hangs for (literally) minutes.

Instead, I have started checking a single file and leaving it open
regardless of whether it needs to be changed or not. It usually takes me
10-15 minutes to check all of the files that I have opened in a batch
because I need to fix headers for some of them. Then, if I go back and
close the files that didn't need to be modified, Creator only hangs for
5-10 seconds when I close the file. That's not great, but at least Creator
is usable this way.

> Does your small file includes some insanely (possibly code-generated)
> huge header file?

No. For the most part these are headers for dialogs that all derive from a
class of ours called WMDialog that itself derives from QDialog. So many of
the header files have a single #include statement for WMDialog.h. Of course
that file includes QDialog, which includes other files.

For what it's worth, our project does use precompiled headers. I don't
think that is causal to this particular problem, however, since I have
C++->Code Model->Ignore Precompiled Headers checked. I have also tried
unchecking this setting and still see the hangs.

I also have [x] Do not index files greater than checked, but the size is
set as 5MB, not 1MB. I will try changing to 1MB to see if that helps.

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