[Qt-creator] Font Rendering with JetBrains Mono

Ryein Goddard ryein.goddard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 02:58:14 CET 2020

Do you see the same thing with Fira Code Retina?  I found it is more 
robust and works with many other things such as Qt Creator.

On 1/22/20 5:05 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
> So JetBrains released an open-source programmers font they call JetBrains Mono (https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/mono/#intro). Looked interesting so I tried it out. The interesting thing is that inside of QtCreator's editor certain combinations will get substituted with a single glyph. Examples are:
> if(0 == 1)
> {}
> if(0 != 1)
> {}
> if(1 >= 19)
> {}
> All of the logic operators will get replaces with a single glyph. What is interesting is that the same code inside of VSCode with the same font will *not* do the substitution.
> So is this something specific with the font that QtCreator is detecting that VSCode is not detecting or is there a setting inside of QtCreator that I can toggle to turn *off* the substitutions? I generally like the font but for C++ programming I really need to see the individual characters of my code. I'm attaching images in the hope that they get through that show what I am trying to say.
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