[Qt-creator] Ideas in light of the changes

Ryein Goddard ryein.goddard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 00:44:27 CET 2020

I don't mind you making the project require an account.  Not really that 
big a deal for the awesome support you are bringing.

I would love to see Qt Creator get much better.  I have seen Qt do the 
things everyone talks about for React, but they don't use it because 
they are scared of C++.  I honestly think the way Qt solves the problem 
of updating various items with signals and slots is 1000 times better 
then React-Redux or React Hooks.  It is such a terrible experience.  I 
think it would be awesome if you offered a perfectly working premium 
experience for mobile development and also we need a platform to target 
that is linux. Something that allows us to deploy a tablet into 
production.  I don't want to use Android sometimes or iOS.  Sometimes I 
want a 1 application device and this is next to impossible for a 
relatively low volume device.  It would be awesome if Qt offered some 
devices specifically for Qt and ran off Linux.  I see you guys making 
presentations with devices all the time, but we never have devices.  
Many Linux based phones are coming out.  Some of which are based on 
Qt/KDE.  It makes so much sense.  A cheap raspberry pi tablet that is 
production ready, but also developer friendly or something to that 
effect would be an awesome development.

I will gladly pay 25 bucks a month for a premium build service built 
into Qt that adds the ease of development that we get from other 
providers.  Cross platform development is what everyone is targeting.

Microsoft, Google, Apple and even Facebook are all trying to own the 
stack for cross-platform development. You already have a great stack for 
it.  It just needs a few more pieces and it would be great.

People shouldn't be scared of C++, or maybe better support for Python 
and QML deployed to mobile.  I know lots of projects have come out for that.

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