[Qt-creator] Minor autocompletion suggestion annoyances

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Thu Mar 5 15:47:41 CET 2020

 void f(QObject *parent=null...)

Where ... is "ptr" for what I want.
But ... is suggested as "ptr_t".
But "ptr" is the second one in the list.  This is so close, but I'm curious as to why the longer is coming becoming before the shorter?
nullptr should be first by alphabetical and word frequency order.

Also, still painfully dealing with QtC's default " behavior, which is to almost always insert 2.
I'm still suggesting to limit "-> "" to where the right of " is at EoL or white space. That would save so many corrections.
I realize I can turn it off, but I'd like to keep it exept when tot he right of the cursor is non-whitespace.

convert this {x: 1} to JSON (ignoring selecting x then ", which is takign the hand off the keyboard for the mouse or more keystokes)
Step 1: insert ", get:
Backapace to get rid of the extra ", arrive at:
{x: 1}
Hrmph. Insert " again
Now arrow right once and backspace.
Then arrow over once more and add ", and you'll be at the desired outcome. Interestingly, there wasn't a double " inserted this time.

Worse yet, forget that QtC is doing this and work right to left, and find yourself at:
Which is just a nightmare. But per my rules above,  {x :1} ->  {""x"" :1} So modify that to be only insert "" if there is white space on both sides.

I spend so much time fighting this, but it is also so close to working perfectly ('perfectlty' as defined by me)

Many thanks

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