[Qt-creator] Minor autocompletion suggestion annoyances

André Hartmann andre.hartmann at iseg-hv.de
Thu Mar 5 15:57:00 CET 2020

Hi Jason,

>   void f(QObject *parent=null...)
> Where ... is "ptr" for what I want.
> But ... is suggested as "ptr_t".
> But "ptr" is the second one in the list.  This is so close, but I'm curious as to why the longer is coming becoming before the shorter?
> nullptr should be first by alphabetical and word frequency order.

Hit me too. It is tracked as

> Also, still painfully dealing with QtC's default " behavior, which is to almost always insert 2.
> I'm still suggesting to limit "-> "" to where the right of " is at EoL or white space. That would save so many corrections.
> I realize I can turn it off, but I'd like to keep it exept when tot he right of the cursor is non-whitespace.

I'd also agree to this. I'm not sure if there is already a bugreport, 
but that might be the case.

Regards, André

> Example:
> convert this {x: 1} to JSON (ignoring selecting x then ", which is takign the hand off the keyboard for the mouse or more keystokes)
> Step 1: insert ", get:
> {""x:1}
> Backapace to get rid of the extra ", arrive at:
> {x: 1}
> Hrmph. Insert " again
> {""x:1}
> Now arrow right once and backspace.
> {"x:1}
> Then arrow over once more and add ", and you'll be at the desired outcome. Interestingly, there wasn't a double " inserted this time.
> Worse yet, forget that QtC is doing this and work right to left, and find yourself at:
> {""x"":1}
> Which is just a nightmare. But per my rules above,  {x :1} ->  {""x"" :1} So modify that to be only insert "" if there is white space on both sides.
> I spend so much time fighting this, but it is also so close to working perfectly ('perfectlty' as defined by me)
> Many thanks
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