[Qt-creator] 4.15.1 curious behavior run iOS

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Mon Jul 5 12:38:55 CEST 2021

did something in QtC
closed QtC
open QtC - and the error was back - this time:

Project Error: Could not resolve SDK Path for 'iphoneos' using --show-sdk-path

Error while parsing file /Applications/...my.pro. Giving up.

switched to iOS Simulator, run - all OK

finally found out:

if iOS on Device was selected when closing QtC, after re-opening QtC it 
doesn't work
if iOS on Simulator was selected when clsoing QtC, after re-opening QtC 
and then switching to iOS on Device it works well

so the workaround: never quit QtC while iOS on Device was selected - 
switch to iOS on Simulator before quit
(QtC 4.15.1, Qt 5.15.5, macOS Catalina (10.15.7), Xcode 12.4

will open Bugreport


Am 05.07.21 um 11:58 schrieb ekke:
> this is curious:
> moved all my projects from 5.13.2 to 5.15.5
> at first made them all build and run from macOS and iOS / iOS 
> simulator - all projects worked well, could compile and run apps
> last week made all the Android changes (Manifest, Gradle, .pro,...)
> today back to normal work, but now I'm getting in all of my projects a 
> problem with iOS on Device
> Build Project: compiles successfully, also correct signing identity 
> was used
> compile and run gives me errors:
> Error parsing JSON at 1:1: illegal value
> /Applications/daten/...5.15/ios/mkspecs/features/qtprf
> Failedtoparseqmlimportscanneroutput.
> Opening Xcode, I can run on the Device without a problem
> Compile and Run from Creator to iOS Simulator: App started without error
> switched to my QtWS Conference App project - same problems
> ok - can live the workaround to run from Xcode
> switched back to my customer project and now all works well without an 
> error as some days before
> happy again, but confused ;-)
> any idea what could cause this ?
> ekke
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