[Qt-creator] edit - qml and mm files - look disabled

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Mon Jul 5 17:47:28 CEST 2021

Am 05.07.21 um 17:22 schrieb Eike Ziller
>> On Jul 5, 2021, at 16:48, ekke <ekke at ekkes-corner.org> wrote:
>> Hi Eike,
>> looked at it a 2nd time before opening a Bugreport.
>> you're right about the *.mm files - they are disasbled on Android and enabled on iOS
>> but the *.qml files are always disabled (macOS, Android, iOS)
>> In my .pro the qml files are not placed under +SOURCES - only in a special case:
>> lupdate_only {
>>      SOURCES +=  qml/main.qml \
>>      qml/common/*.qml \
>>      qml/navigation/*.qml \
>>      qml/pages/*.qml \
>>      qml/popups/*.qml \
>>      qml/tabs/*.qml
>> }
>> hase there anything changed with QtC 4.15.1 and Qt 5.15 ?
>> has worked last years for me without disabling qml files
> Not with the categorization in that regard, not that I know of. But, if you have the qml files in an lupdate_only scope, they will probaby appear twice in the tree: Once under the node of the QRC file, and once individually.

Hi Eike,

you're right. I'm not using the Resources node to avoid 2 more levels in 
my Projects tree:

Resources ->qml.qrc -> / -> qml -> my files

Sources -> qml -> my files

> If the qml files under the QRC file node are now deeper in the tree than the qml files from the lupdate_only scope, then I think the latter will be selected when synchronizing the selection in the project tree with the current document. That kind of prioritization changed recently I think.

that seems to be the reason, why I haven't noticed this before

Found a way: added qml files to OTHER_FILES and got a QML node in 
Project tree:

QML -> qml -> my files :)

> Btw, as far as I know, the need to specify qml files in SOURCES for lupdate is gone since Qt 5.6:
> lupdate: Add qrc resource file support (Id7f95248) ยท Gerrit Code Review
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qttools/+/122940

so I can remove my lupdate-only resources - seems to be something left 
from my first experiences with Qt years ago ;-)

THANX for your infos :)


> Br, Eike

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