[Qt-creator] Qt Creator Build Environment Windows 10 SDK

Henry Skoglund henry at tungware.se
Thu Jun 10 22:08:42 CEST 2021

On 2021-06-10 14:50, Christian Bauer wrote:
> Hi, I’ve just tested it on both machines.
> In Visual Studio 2019 -> Project properties -> VC++ Directories -> 
> Include Directories all paths are listed (see screenshot).
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> On 2021-06-09 09:48, Christian Bauer via Qt-creator wrote:
>     Hey there!
>     I have the following problem regarding Qt Creator on Windows 10:
>     I installed Qt MSVC 2019 64bit and Visual Studio 2019 Community on
>     2 machines (PC and Laptop).
>     I can compile and run simple test projects on PC, but not on
>     Laptop where I get include errors.
>     So I checked my projects build environment for both machines
>     (INCLUDE variable).
>     PC:
>     Inline-Bild
>     Laptop:
>     Inline-Bild
>     I can now add those paths manually in project settings but I'd
>     rather have them load automatically. Any ideas on how to get that
>     running?
>     (I tried reinstalling Qt and Visual Studio twice already)

Well Qt Creator is just a hapless victim of whatever the running of 
vcvarsall.bat returns in the INCLUDE enviroment variable, so maybe on 
your laptop you have some 3rd party software that adds some stuff to it 
(just guessing :-)
You can try debug what happens when Qt Creator starts and vcvarsall.bat 
is run, open a CMD window:

cd \Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin

Now wait for Qt Creator to start and just exit it directly. Qt Creator 
has run vcvarsall.bat but this time there are 2 trace files in your 
%TEMP% directory:
dd_vsdevcmd16_env.log and dd_vsdevcmd16_preinit_env.log

Post them here.

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