[QtonPi] RPi boards delivery: status

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Fri Apr 13 20:28:00 CEST 2012

Hi, this is the situation of the distribution of Raspberry Pi boards 
among accepted QtonPi developers:

- This week we finally got from the Raspberry Pi Foundation (RPiF) a 
plan B (*) for the distribution of your devices. You will have a 
dedicated email address handled by them where all QtonPi participants 
will send your vouchers and delivery details.

- As soon as I get the email address from RPiF I will send the text of 
the instructions to Konstantin, asking him please please pleeeease to do 
a second and final mass mailing to everybody (those listed at 
https://wiki.qt-project.org/QtonPi/Device_program/Accepted as OK, and 
also those listed as CODE SENT.

- Today I will update the wiki page cleaning the few emails received in 
the past days with details.

- We still have some vouchers available (since some ACCEPTED 
participants never confirmed back). I will reply manually with the 
instructions to any new developer accepted.

(*) The plan A (discussed back in November with RPiF) was that QtonPi 
participants would redeem the vouchers received fro the RPi Foundation 
at their store. That plan changed when they decided to go for 3rd party 
vendors - none of them apparently able to handle these vouchers.


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