[QtonPi] Volunteer wanted for generating Qt 5 binaries for Raspbian

Rodal Samuel Samuel.Rodal at digia.com
Wed Sep 26 22:58:39 CEST 2012

Hello fellow Qt 5 and Raspberry Pi fans,

Nightly .deb packages with Qt 5 binaries for Raspbian were generated until a month and a half ago, but the guys doing that have since stopped working on Qt full-time and thus have not been able to keep up with that.

It would be nice to have such packages generated again and maybe even made easily available in the Raspbian apt repositories. Since I don't really have any packaging experience, I wanted to first see if there was someone else who would be interested in doing this, but I'm prepared to have a go at it if noone else volunteers.

In addition to plugins, the following Qt libraries were part of the earlier package:

libQt3DQuick.so  libQtCompositor.so  libQtCore.so  libQtGui.so      libQtOpenGL.so        libQtQml.so             libQtQuick.so      libQtScript.so       libQtSensors.so  libQtSvg.so   libQtV8.so       libQtXml.so
libQt3D.so       libQtConcurrent.so  libQtDBus.so  libQtNetwork.so  libQtPrintSupport.so  libQtQuickParticles.so  libQtQuickTest.so  libQtScriptTools.so  libQtSql.so      libQtTest.so  libQtWidgets.so

So it's a good idea to at least include these in future packages if possible.

QtWebKit was notably missing. Does anyone know if QtWebKit in a more recent version is building and running successfully on Raspbian?

It's probably nice to at least include qmlscene in the package as well, since it allows writing and running QML 2 applications directly on the device without any recompilation. Unfortunately it seems an unsolved problem that qmake, moc, etc binaries are only built for the host when doing cross compilation and thus can not be included in the package.

For building and packaging the beginner's guide might provide useful: http://qt-project.org/wiki/RaspberryPi_Beginners_guide

Also the packaging scripts used for the earlier packages are available here: https://gitorious.org/packaging-scripts/packaging-scripts/trees/master

Once we have Qt 5 packages it might be interesting to also have packages for things like the Snowshoe browser and maybe also some demos showing off Qt's capabilities, like the ones recently mentioned by Liz on the Raspberry Pi blog: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/2076

Samuel Rødal - Digia, Qt
Visit us on: http://qt.digia.com
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