[Qtwebengine] Video texture streaming

Hausmann Simon Simon.Hausmann at digia.com
Fri Feb 14 01:44:52 CET 2014

Conceptually I think this makes a lot of sense. This type of fragment shader is also in chromium's GL renderer and a sensible optimization if the GPU supports it (as opposed to doing the color space conversion manually in the shader)

This patch is on no way blackberry specific and for example relevant for embedded Linux builds with OpenMax IL backend and for example PowerVR gpu.


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Fra: Mansoor C
Sendt: 16:54 torsdag 13. februar 2014
Til: qtwebengine at qt-project.org
Emne: [Qtwebengine] Video texture streaming

Hi All:

Here at BlackBerry we have been developing support for EGLImage based
video texture streaming for QtWebEngine/QNX. It adds a new
StreamVideoNode class similar to the existing YUVVideoNode class. It
also adds support for new cc::DrawQuad::STREAM_VIDEO_CONTENT material
in DelegatedFrameNode.

We have this working successfully in our QtWebEngine test app on QNX platform.

I have pushed a clean patch for gerrit review here:

For now I have put Jocelyn and Arvid as reviewers. I am not sure who
else should be looking at it.

I have intentionally tried to keep changes localized to QtWebEngine -
and not mess with QSG APIs. But if there are better ways to implement
this, I am open to your suggestions.

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