[Qtwebengine] QtWebEngine current status?

Albisser Zeno Zeno.Albisser at digia.com
Thu Feb 27 23:29:39 CET 2014


On 2/27/14, 3:55 PM, "Nicolas Dechesne" <nicolas.dechesne at linaro.org>
>I am interested about that too. Especially about any progress/update
>on QtWebEngine + EGLFS.

Adding support for Qt Enterprise Embedded Android and QtEE Linux is
currently our main focus. Both are using EGLFS.
QtEE Android is already looking pretty good. With QtEE Linux we have been
loading our first web pages as well, but there is still a bit of work left
on that side.
Further we are also working on adding support for Windows and on providing
a more complete API for Widgets and QtQuick.

- Zeno

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