[Qtwebengine] Static builds of QtWebEngine aren't supported.

Allan Sandfeld Jensen allan.jensen at theqtcompany.com
Sun Dec 6 23:17:51 CET 2015

On Sunday 06 December 2015, Mike Nolan wrote:
> I am also facing the same issue currently and looking for info on how to
> do this.
> I see the same issue when trying to build the 5.6 branch. (Not latest but
> retrieved about two weeks ago. But I see this message "Static builds of
> QtWebEngine aren't supported" still is present in the latest source.)
That is because static builds are not supported. Even we did support it, it 
would be of limited use, since QtWebEngine is a multi-process library that 
uses an external binary anyway, and it contains LGPL code that would require 
any code linking to it, to be relinkable.


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