[Qtwebengine] open files

Tom Deblauwe deblauwetom at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 12:59:15 CEST 2015


Thanks Andras, I could compile it and I could run a simple webengineview 
with the qmlscene application. I used the embedded_linux config, but 
I've set these different:


Performance is not really great I must admit, but it works. The 
animations and scrolling are sluggish. Is that maybe because of the 
"use_ozone=0"? Maybe it would compile if I removed the 
"ozone_platforms_dri=0" setting?

However, after a few page loads, i get a crash, indicating a "too many 
open files" error. Setting the open files limit even as root with 
"ulimit -n 60000" does not help. Maybe anybody has a clue about what 
could be causing this and what your limits should be set to?
I also tried the pre-built 32-bit version of Qt 4.5.1 and there I have 
the same "too many open files" problem, so it's very probably something 
about my linux OS that is not correct, but how can I figure out what 
exactly? Or a list of what webengine needs from the OS to run properly?

Best regards,

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