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Andras Becsi andras.becsi at theqtcompany.com
Tue Jun 16 13:19:11 CEST 2015

Hi Tom,

With an embedded device running X11 I do not think you can get much 
better performance, unless the device is really powerfull.

To use ozone, you need a platform implementation, and we only provide it 
for eglfs (ozone_platform_eglfs.cpp). Also use_ozone=1 is probably 
conflicting with desktop_linux=1, and ozone_platform_dri is just an 
implementation of the ozone layer withing chromium, which won't work 
with Qt.

As I wrote previously this setup is not supported hence not tested, so 
your crash is probably also caused by the heavy X11 setup.

I'm not sure 60000 is even a valid value for ulimit, you could try 
setting a more realistic limit (ulimit -Sn 8192) according to:

 > I also tried the pre-built 32-bit version of Qt 4.5.1
You probably mean 5.4.1 here.

For these kind of issues you can always google for Chromium problems 
since if you see something rendered by Qt and it runs, then the Qt layer 
basically works and the issue is most probably in the Chromium setup 
and/or the system setup, so other people might also encounter it.


On 06/16/2015 12:59 PM, Tom Deblauwe wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks Andras, I could compile it and I could run a simple webengineview
> with the qmlscene application. I used the embedded_linux config, but
> I've set these different:
> use_x11=1
> use_dbus=1
> desktop_linux=1
> use_ozone=0
> Performance is not really great I must admit, but it works. The
> animations and scrolling are sluggish. Is that maybe because of the
> "use_ozone=0"? Maybe it would compile if I removed the
> "ozone_platforms_dri=0" setting?
> However, after a few page loads, i get a crash, indicating a "too many
> open files" error. Setting the open files limit even as root with
> "ulimit -n 60000" does not help. Maybe anybody has a clue about what
> could be causing this and what your limits should be set to?
> I also tried the pre-built 32-bit version of Qt 4.5.1 and there I have
> the same "too many open files" problem, so it's very probably something
> about my linux OS that is not correct, but how can I figure out what
> exactly? Or a list of what webengine needs from the OS to run properly?
> Best regards,
> Tom,
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