[Qtwebengine] Memory leak in QtWebengine 5.6?

Mattias Sahlen Mattias.Sahlen at qmatic.com
Mon Nov 30 10:59:28 CET 2015


Our application is based on a QML WebEngineView, displaying a single page.
After about 5 days our app crashes with this error message:

[1121/191421:FATAL:memory_linux.cc(42)] Out of memory, size = 1
qml: Webengine render process exited with code 6 (killed), exiting! (this is from our code, catching onRenderProcessTerminated)

We have logged the memory usage and when this occurs, there is about 700 MB memory left on the system.
After approximately 4 days there is a sudden spike in memory usage from 300 MB to 500 MB.
We are running on an IMX6 platform if it makes any difference.

Attaching a plot of the memory usage.

Any ideas what could be going on?

Any input appreciated,


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