[Qtwebengine] Detect crash of page process

Aleksey Yermakov jp.kuraisu at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 14:32:36 CET 2016


Found a simple fix for my problem, but it looks more like a workaround than
a proper solution. I scheduled QWebEngineView::reload to run not exactly at
QWebEngineView::renderProcessTerminated but after it:

-    connect(m_viewer, &QWebEngineView::renderProcessTerminated, m_viewer,
+    connect(m_viewer, &QWebEngineView::renderProcessTerminated, [=]() {
QTimer::singleShot(0, m_viewer, &QWebEngineView::reload); });

I think there should be at least some mention in the docs, that you should
not call reload or setUrl on renderProcessTerminated. Or better yet a fix
that will allow to call this methods on renderProcessTerminated.

Aleksey Yermakov
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