[Releasing] Release process for QMF and Qt Mobility

Robin Burchell robin+qt at viroteck.net
Mon Dec 10 20:57:21 CET 2012


The release process for components in Qt essentials is fairly clear:
there's a release team who are now seeming to get things quite well on

It's a little less clear for addons (the specific one I have in mind
being QMF) and "miscellaneous" things like Qt Mobility.

For Qt Mobility especially, I think some action is needed. The last
tag in the repository is 1.2.0. VERSION in common.pri is 1.2.2, which
means we have at least two minor releases which weren't tagged, and I
think it is probably overdue for a 1.2.3, too (~300 commits since the
commit increasing the version number in common.pri).

For QMF, there are 80 commits since the last tag (2012W09). I'd
suggest that using regular version numbering might make more sense,
and fit in better with the rest of the project. I'd suggest starting
with a 1.0.0 tag after some testing of the current state - though it
seems to work reasonably well for us in Mer - but that's rather
arbitrarily chosen just to give a number - if someone else has a
better suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

Does anyone else on releasing@ have any interest in these components?

If so, how can we collaborate on releases?

If not, what's the best path for getting releasing back on track for them?

(NB: for my definitions and needs, a "release" is "a git tag",
possibly plus a blog post - I don't personally feel the need for
anything more)



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