[Releasing] Release process for QMF and Qt Mobility

Turunen Tuukka Tuukka.Turunen at digia.com
Tue Dec 11 03:15:29 CET 2012

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>Cc: Valerio Valerio; Matthew Vogt; Lorn Potter
>Aihe: [Releasing] Release process for QMF and Qt Mobility
>Does anyone else on releasing@ have any interest in these components?

Yes. Although most of the current work of e.g. ex-Mobility modules is inside Qt 5 it is still desired to do at least one official upgrade of these, maybe more if there is need.

There are some nice fixes on top of 1.2.2 so the next bundle should be 1.2.3.

And yes, some of the releases are not done properly in the repos.

>If so, how can we collaborate on releases?

Best way is to collect here those who have interest into these, agree what is desired to go in and who does what.

The key issue is to run verification for all those platforms we have in 4.8. So in case you can also test the baseline on reference win, mac, linux configs it helps a lot in getting the release out.

>If not, what's the best path for getting releasing back on track for them?

In case you have more fixes coming in during 2013 it might make sense to do the 1.2.3 release first and base the development on it.

Are you ok to run the tests for these desktop reference platforms as well? 

We (Digia) can help with the rest as well as fixing issues, as needed.



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