[Releasing] Current beta installers

jason.mcdonald at nokia.com jason.mcdonald at nokia.com
Tue Jul 24 08:19:29 CEST 2012

>> Note however that the docs in the QtProject-generated packages are missing hyperlinks to most of the QML docs.  The snapshot online docs from the >doc team don't have as many missing links, so I'm guessing that there's either still something missing from the black magic in mksrc.sh or that its an >offline versus online docs problem.
>mm, there seems to be a difference somewhere, I'm getting 220 extra qdoc errors when running "qch_docs".
>Also the command for qhelpgenerator does not work by default (probably we should use something different than "$${Qt.help.bins} to find qhelpgenerator).
>I will investigate.

It doesn't seem to be an online versus offline problem.  Miikka copied the logic into Digia's scripts and they get something very close to what's on the doc snapshot site.  This suggests that the QtProject scripts are missing something that Digia's scripts aren't (or that they do some of the black magic slightly differently).

In case it helps, the extra broken links are:
  * Introduction to QtQuick and QML
  * Fluid UIs with QtQuick
  * QtQuick Types


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