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>From: Mcdonald Jason (Nokia-MP/Brisbane)
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>To: Vandonderen Casper (Nokia-MP/Oslo); Bornemann Joerg (Nokia-MP/Berlin)
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>Subject: RE: [Releasing] Current beta installers
>>> A more severe issue: the docs are almost completely missing from
>>> assistant. Only the assistant docs are there.
>>That is because we don't have qhelpgenerator available in the script
>>that produces the installers, we just run "make >online_docs" in qtdoc
>>and copy that over (I think).
>>We should probably start running "make qch_docs" in qtdoc instead, which
>>requires qhelpgenerator from qttools.
>> The mksrc.sh script in qtrepotools/release-tools does that, but Digia
>>aren't using that script for their packages right now.  Consequently,
>>QtProject-generated source packages have docs, but Digia-generated
>>packages do not.  That will hopefully get resolved soon.
>> Note however that the docs in the QtProject-generated packages are
>>missing hyperlinks to most of the QML docs.  The snapshot online docs
>>from the doc team don't have as many missing links, so I'm guessing that
>>there's either still something missing from the black magic in mksrc.sh
>>or that its an offline versus online docs problem.
>Hmm, there seems to be a difference somewhere, I'm getting 220 extra qdoc
>errors when running "qch_docs".
>Also the command for qhelpgenerator does not work by default (probably we
>should use something different than "$${Qt.help.bins} to find
>I will investigate.

Most(/all) of the problems with the QCH docs should be resolved now. It
would be nice if you still notice big gaps after Qt5 integration happens
and the packages are generated again.


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