[Releasing] Renaming qtdeclarative.git to qtquick2.git?

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at digia.com
Mon Nov 19 15:43:42 CET 2012


I guess by now everyone is pretty tired of renaming changes. I'm wondering anyhow whether we shouldn't do a final step now and rename the "qtdeclarative" repository to "qtquick2".

Right now repository/module mapping is pretty awkward:
 - QtDeclarative library, QtDeclarative, QtQuick1 namespaces are implemented in qtquick1.git , or qt5/qtquick1 directory
 - QtQml, QtQuick2 libraries, namespaces are implemented in qtdeclarative.git , or qt5/qtdeclarative directory

So if you're searching for the sources of some "QtDeclarative" files, you've to go to qtquick1 directory, _not_ qtdeclarative directory. This affects git checkouts, and the sources that we'll ship in the installers.

AFAICT changing the repository / directory name would require changes in
 - top level qt5.git, qtsdk.git
 - gerrit setup
 - release system (maybe)

 - anyone pulling would have to remove qtdeclarative directory manually
 - all changes staged against qtdeclarative would have to be restaged against new module

The names of repositories are something that doesn't affect the mere end user / product, so we could also do it after the 5.0 release. Anyhow, it's also compelling to fix this right now, before the initial release and when the number of submitted/staged changes should (still) be low. What do you think?



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