[Releasing] FW: Meeting minutes: release team meeting 17.10.2012

Tanilkan Sinan Sinan.Tanilkan at digia.com
Wed Oct 17 23:54:30 CEST 2012


There was a suggestion to post the meeting minutes from the releasing team's meetings on this mailing list.

>From now on we will keep doing that.

Best regards,
Sinan S. Tanilkan
on behalf of the Qt 5 releasing team


From: Tanilkan Sinan

Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 5:36 PM

To: Knoll Lars; Thiago Macieira; stephen.kelly at kdab.com; Koehne Kai; Jenssen Tim; Kalinowski Maurice; Reinio Topi; Eklund Iikka; Salovaara Akseli; Äijälä Johanna; Ahumada Sergio; sean.harmer at kdab.com; Roscher-Nielsen Nils Christian

Cc: Hirvonen Olli; Motyka Rafal

Subject: Meeting minutes: release team meeting 17.10.2012


Thanks for the meeting today. Here are the minutes:

_Installer scripts_

Have problems with ICU and WebKit not compiling. Fix is made, but not integrated yet.

_Qt Creator running on Qt 5_

We currently have Qt 5 binaries that we can successfully build Qt Creator on (2012-10-02).

Creator is looking pretty good on windows. Close to good on Linux. And still problems on Mac. The bigger issues on mac all have fixes in review or already integrating.

_Library renaming_

Thiago will post (to the mailing list) that the changes are happening.

Sean will help test Thiago's changes on BB/QNX. Caroline or someone else in Oslo can help with testing on Mac.

_Next meeting_

Will be on Tuesday 23.10.2012 from 16.00 to 17.30. 30 min of this meeting will be dedicated to the QA effort for the release.



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