[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.0.2\Qt 5.1 release team meeting 08.04.2013

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Fri Apr 19 19:01:35 CEST 2013


Meeting minutes from Qt 5.0.2\Qt 5.1 release team meeting 08.04.2013
- Qt 5.0.2 QtBase changes file updated. Delayed due to problems CI & Gitorious. Proceeding with release without additional meetings. (Update from 10th April: Qt 5.0.2 released)
- Criteria for releasing Qt 5.1 Beta1: "Most of the feedback that we expected to receive regarding the API has been received and acted upon." (http://www.macieira.org/blog/2012/01/qt-temperatures-drop-from-january-to-june/) which means we wait a few weeks for the feedback, then we check what is needed to do.
- Target for Qt 5.1.0 Windows installers: msvc2010, msvc2010-opengl, msvc2012-x64, msvc2012-x64-opengl (new installer), MinGW (with update to 4.8-dw)
- Topic: "Linux binaries should be compiled with the oldest acceptable distribution" (to be decided on Mailing list)
- Topic: Possibly changing Mac building back to macx-g++ or to accept the elevate of the minimum deploy version to Mac 10.7 (to be decided on Mailing list)
- Next meeting on Monday 22.04.2013 16:00 CET.

The IRC log below.


(5:00:40 PM) akseli1: iieklund: kkoehne: ramotyka: sahumada|home: thiago: ZapB: fkleint: tronical: ping
(5:00:56 PM) ZapB: akseli1: pong
(5:01:05 PM) fkleint: akseli1: pong
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(5:02:08 PM) thiago: akseli1: pong
(5:03:18 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: pong
(5:03:18 PM) akseli1: Time to start Qt 5.0.2\5.1 release meeting
(5:03:36 PM) akseli1: On agenda today:
(5:03:36 PM) akseli1: Qt 5.0.2 release status
(5:03:37 PM) akseli1: Qt 5.1: possible extensions to installer platforms (e.g. MinGW 64bit)
(5:03:37 PM) akseli1: Qt 5.1: Topic: Linux binaries should be compiled with the oldest acceptable distribution (oldest gcc, oldest glibc).
(5:04:00 PM) akseli1: any additional items in mind (except next meeting)?
(5:04:01 PM) sahumada|home: akseli1: pong
(5:04:41 PM) ZapB: criteria for releasing beta1?
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(5:05:23 PM) akseli1: ZapB: valid point
(5:06:29 PM) akseli1: Beta1 release criteria after Qt 5.0.2 release status
(5:06:50 PM) akseli1: so starting from Qt 5.0.2 release status...
(5:07:46 PM) akseli1: qtbase changes file is now done and trying to have new installers tomorrow
(5:08:04 PM) akseli1: proceeding to release after that
(5:08:42 PM) akseli1: naturally testing installers first but no surprises expected
(5:08:44 PM) sahumada|home: still in CI though
(5:08:51 PM) sahumada|home: the qtbase change file, that is
(5:09:46 PM) thiago: the CI was stuck during the whole weekend and then gitorious was failing
(5:10:31 PM) thiago: otherwise, I guess no surprises. Sanity check and release, no new meeting required.
(5:11:00 PM) akseli1: that was the case and I agree, no new meeting required
(5:11:09 PM) akseli1: then Criteria for releasing Beta1
(5:11:26 PM) thiago: http://www.macieira.org/blog/2012/01/qt-temperatures-drop-from-january-to-june/
(5:11:28 PM) ZapB: is there a jira task created for 5.1 beta1?
(5:11:38 PM) thiago: the definition of beta is there
(5:11:59 PM) thiago: "Most of the feedback that we expected to receive regarding the API has been received and acted upon. "
(5:14:16 PM) ZapB: i find that hard to quantify but I see what you mean ;)
(5:14:46 PM) thiago: it means we wait a few weeks for the feedback, then we check what is needed to do
(5:15:01 PM) thiago: in the mean time, we make sure that it compiles and that the installers work
(5:15:16 PM) ZapB: yep
(5:16:43 PM) sahumada|home: what about documentation and examples .. does it make sense to have examples for qtx11extras.git ?
(5:17:50 PM) thiago: yes
(5:17:58 PM) thiago: technically, that was required for the alpha
(5:20:41 PM) akseli1: any other comments from beta1 criteria? do all agree?
(5:21:26 PM) ZapB: fine by me
(5:21:31 PM) thiago: in terms of P1s: we should have P1s assigned for the 5.1.0 tag in JIRA
(5:21:49 PM) thiago: don't create P1 or P0 for the beta version, unless it *must* be fixed in that release
(5:21:54 PM) thiago: such as the API changes
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(5:25:11 PM) thiago: I guess that was uncontroversial
(5:25:17 PM) thiago: next topic?
(5:25:22 PM) akseli1: no one is saying anything against criteria so i hope that is appoved then
(5:25:34 PM) akseli1: 5.1: possible extensions to installer platforms (e.g. MinGW 64bit)
(5:25:57 PM) akseli1: we are aiming to provide android installers already
(5:26:20 PM) akseli1: there have been earlier discussion about mingw64 installers
(5:26:26 PM) ZapB: I would like to see more Desktop OpenGL builds on windows and we need to fix webkit2 support with desktop GL
(5:26:38 PM) thiago: android is preliminary, so let's make sure that it never stops a release
(5:26:52 PM) fkleint: ZapB: +1, tronical?
(5:26:59 PM) thiago: what are the windows builds we currently have and what are we proposing?
(5:27:21 PM) fkleint: we have MSV2010 32/64 and MSVC2012 64
(5:27:25 PM) akseli1: currently vs2010, vs2010 opengl desktop, vs2012, mingw
(5:27:29 PM) fkleint: OpenGL and ANGLE,
(5:27:39 PM) fkleint: and OpenGL does not have WebKit 2 ;-/ ..what was the task..
(5:27:43 PM) fkleint: QTBUG-30290
(5:28:02 PM) akseli1: i would see more important to fix webkit2 to opengl than provide additional installers
(5:28:20 PM) fkleint: tronical: Can you comment? - jturcotte said sth not before 5.2 due to some merging thing?,. maybe it can be prioritized?
(5:28:42 PM) fkleint: Not in it seems.
(5:29:07 PM) thiago: I didn't know we had 2010 64-bit
(5:29:20 PM) akseli1: actually we don't ship 2010 64bit
(5:29:27 PM) fkleint: yes, true
(5:29:32 PM) fkleint: MSVC2012 only
(5:29:53 PM) akseli1: and i would propose that on 5.1.0 we stay with 5.0.2 installers
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(5:30:13 PM) thiago: we need to replace the mingw one with gcc 4.8
(5:30:28 PM) thiago: which ones are angle and which ones are opengl?
(5:31:17 PM) akseli1: vs2010 is provided with angle & opengl, rest of them are angle
(5:31:26 PM) fkleint: (32bit),yes
(5:31:54 PM) thiago: ZapB: do we need to change which ones are opengl?
(5:32:00 PM) thiago: should we favour vs2012?
(5:32:17 PM) ZapB: thiago: I would like to see at least one 64-bit OpenGL build
(5:32:26 PM) ZapB: 2010vs2012 is debateable.
(5:32:35 PM) thiago: which one would you prefer? vs2012 or mingw64?
(5:32:42 PM) ZapB: vs2012
(5:32:47 PM) thiago: ok
(5:32:55 PM) thiago: so recommendation 1: add vs2012-x64-opengl
(5:33:01 PM) fkleint: +1
(5:33:08 PM) ZapB: +2
(5:33:20 PM) thiago: where do we stand on mingw64?
(5:33:49 PM) ZapB: no strong opinion from me
(5:34:05 PM) fkleint: things is, we don;t have a gdb that can debug it with Qt Creator yet
(5:34:10 PM) fkleint: 64bit gdb
(5:34:13 PM) fkleint: it is research
(5:34:21 PM) fkleint: (with Python, etc)
(5:34:45 PM) thiago: so skip it for now
(5:34:52 PM) fkleint: yes, I'd say
(5:34:53 PM) thiago: we can always change our minds when the situation there improves
(5:34:59 PM) fkleint: yep
(5:35:19 PM) kkoehne: (Me has hopes that it's already improved with 4.8, but haven't checked)
(5:35:39 PM) thiago: so the target 5.1.0 installers are: msvc2010, msvc2010-opengl, msvc2012-x64, msvc2012-x64-opengl, mingw (4.8-dw)
(5:35:44 PM) fkleint: kkoehne: We need to compile a gdb, davschulz is looking into it
(5:35:52 PM) thiago: did I miss any?
(5:36:37 PM) akseli1: as msvc2012-x64-opengl is new candidate for installers it may not stop release
(5:36:51 PM) thiago: not the beta, agreed
(5:37:12 PM) thiago: but we should make the effort. I'd rather not add new installers after the beta.
(5:38:24 PM) thiago: anything else on windows installers?
(5:39:00 PM) ramotyka__ [~ramotyka_ at ti0046a380-dhcp0228.bb.online.no] entered the room.
(5:39:07 PM) thiago: I'll take that as a no
(5:39:09 PM) akseli1: don't think so ... a bit concerned the effort required to msvc2012-x64-opengl
(5:39:18 PM) thiago: how so?
(5:39:51 PM) akseli1: additional installer package especially with compiler having problems with webkit already
(5:40:10 PM) akseli1: couln't find the bug id but referred to vs2012.2 update
(5:41:09 PM) thiago: msvc2012-x64 is the only build I make
(5:41:14 PM) thiago: I haven't had problems with it
(5:41:24 PM) fkleint: The compiler bug affecting assistant/webkit has been worked aroundf
(5:41:26 PM) ZapB: i've not tried the 2012.2 update yet but we only need to build webkit if we can make it work
(5:41:51 PM) akseli1: well, we can have try with 2012 x64-opengl
(5:41:53 PM) fkleint: and hopefully the update does not break things again
(5:42:19 PM) akseli1: no other new installers then at this point i think
(5:42:40 PM) akseli1: moving on ... Qt 5.1: Topic: Linux binaries should be compiled with the oldest acceptable distribution (oldest gcc, oldest glibc).
(5:43:10 PM) akseli1: qt project have defined Ubuntu 11.10 as reference installer
(5:43:45 PM) akseli1: doesn't this change actually change reference installer definition?
(5:44:18 PM) kkoehne: akseli1: What do you mean by that?
(5:45:18 PM) thiago: any binaries we build for Linux need to be built on the oldest target installation
(5:45:22 PM) thiago: reference doesn't mean anything
(5:45:23 PM) kkoehne: Question for me is how many people we actually leave out by using Ubuntu 11.10 , and whether all required & recommended libs are actually available for Debian. Think of xcb ...
(5:45:33 PM) akseli1: meaning we would end up compiling release builds & packages with something elese than Ubuntu 11.10
(5:46:11 PM) thiago: Debian will have all of that. Maintaining it should be no more difficult than Ubuntu. And we can always ask svuorela for help.
(5:47:54 PM) akseli1: i think i don't see the whole picture on this issue and would propose that this conversation to be taken to mailing list. could that be possible?
(5:48:15 PM) thiago: fair enough
(5:48:37 PM) akseli1: thiago: you will write email about this?
(5:48:41 PM) thiago: yes
(5:48:45 PM) akseli1: thank you
(5:48:51 PM) thiago: quick question on mac installers: we're building macx-g++, right?
(5:50:06 PM) akseli1: i cant remember, kkoehne: sahumada|home ^
(5:51:04 PM) sahumada|home: we are uisng -platform macx-clang .. if that's what you mean
(5:51:10 PM) thiago: yes
(5:51:30 PM) thiago: there are a few pending commits that would elevate the minimum deploy version to 10.7 for that mkspec
(5:51:51 PM) thiago: we need to discuss going back to macx-g++ or to accept the new minimum deploy
(5:52:23 PM) thiago: it is also a binary-incompatible change since it links to libc++ instead of libstdc++
(5:52:34 PM) thiago: I guess on the ML
(5:52:51 PM) akseli1: mailing list, yes please
(5:53:36 PM) akseli1: any other topics anyone?
(5:54:01 PM) akseli1: would next monday 16:00 CET be alright for the next meeting?
(5:54:11 PM) thiago: I don't think we need a meeting next week
(5:54:38 PM) thiago: 5.0.2 doesn't require a meeting; 5.1 requires feedback
(5:54:43 PM) thiago: so should we do it in two weeks?
(5:54:57 PM) ZapB: seems reasonable
(5:55:07 PM) fkleint: yes
(5:55:57 PM) akseli1: you have a point, two weeks then
(5:56:38 PM) akseli1: and Monday 16:00 CET
(5:56:53 PM) akseli1: thank you all for the meeting
(5:58:08 PM) ZapB: thanks
(5:58:13 PM) fkleint: thx
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