[Releasing] Including QTimeZone in Qt 5.1

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at digia.com
Mon Feb 25 14:27:40 CET 2013

Hi John,

thanks for working on the time zone support!

Onsdag 20. februar 2013 23.26.51 skrev John Layt:
> Hi,
> As per Lars' email to development, I would like to submit my implementation
> of QTimeZone and its integration in QDateTime for inclusion in Qt 5.1.  My
> development branch is currently on gitorious [1] but I'd like to push it to
> a Gerrit feature branch by the end of this week to get the review process
> under way and open up for contributions.  What's the best process for this?

I think the best approach is probably to just push it as a series of patches, 
either to a topic branch or just as a regular set of commits.

In either case each individual commit should work and pass the unit tests.
I wonder if it's not easiest to just squash the commits into one - unless 
there is actual value in the history.

Please push to gerrit rather sooner than later so people can add comments.


> [1] http://qt.gitorious.org/~odysseus/qt/odysseus-qtbase/commits/qtimezone
> QTimeZone features implemented:
> * Thread-safe time zone calculator
> * Windows XP system backend
> * Mac system backend
> * TZ File backend
> * ICU backend
> * Partial integration in QDateTime
> Outstanding work:
> * Finish QDateTime integration
> * Finish test cases
> * Finish QDoc
> * Windows Vista system backend
> I expect most of the code required to be completed in teh next few days,
> with just some clean-up work, tests and docs to be finished in the feature
> branch over the next 2 weeks before merging.
> Cheers!
> John.
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