[Releasing] [Development] Status on Qt 5.1 merges from dev -> stable

Knoll Lars Lars.Knoll at digia.com
Mon Mar 25 21:52:24 CET 2013

On 3/25/13 7:13 PM, "Laszlo Papp" <lpapp at kde.org> wrote:

>> qtx11extras and qtserialport didn't need a merge, since they didn't have
>dev/stable branches.
>We got that sorted out a couple of days ago, but it does not require any
>work for the moment as stable got branched off master. Then, we just
>began to follow the Qt branching model.
>On 25 March 2013 15:30, Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira at intel.com> wrote:
>> On segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013 10.46.50 <tel:2013%2010.46.50>,
>>Sergio Ahumada wrote:
>>> Next step is to get qt5.git updated and add qtquickcontrols, qtsensors,
>>> qtserialport and qtx11extras to it.
>> Shouldn't we do an API review on those before we add them? Or is it ok
>>to drop
>> them from beta (after alpha) if we find we don't actually want to
>>release them,
>> for whatever reason?
>QtSerialPort has already been reviewed on this mailing list, but I would
>personally encourage everyone to take a (yet another) look at it if you
>have time. Thank you.

Yes, Qt Serialport has seen some reviews, so while more eyes won't hurt, I
feel comfortable with it as is as well.

Qt Quick Controls has also seen some reviews, so I believe we're now
mostly in a situation where we need people to test (ie. have it as part of
a beta) to fine tune things.


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