[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt 5.2 release team meeting 18.11.2013

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Mon Nov 18 16:54:01 CET 2013

Meeting minutes from Qt 5.2.0 release team meeting 18.11.2013:

Qt 5.2 RC1 status
 - There has been problems with getting qt5.git integrated. Now we have fix integrated, qt5.git interation ongoing and we should have new packages available tomorrow. 
 - We are still missing some fixes & there hasn't been time for testing so we cannot release RC1 tomorrow (Tuesday 19.11.2013).
	- Plan is to release RC1 during this week.
 - Additionally aim is to add configure.exe into tar.gz packages although this won't block release (not RC or final).
Next meeting: Monday 25.11. 16:00 CET

Irc log below:

(5:00:33 PM) jaheikki3: akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: sahumada: thiago: fkleint: ZapB_: tronical: wolfgang-b: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h:mapaaso: ankokko ping
(5:00:34 PM) thiago [~thiago at kde/thiago] entered the room.
(5:00:38 PM) ZapB_: jaheikki3: pong
(5:00:45 PM) akseli: jaheikki3: pong
(5:01:00 PM) sahumada: jaheikki3: pong
(5:01:06 PM) peter-h: jaheikki3: pong
(5:01:12 PM) thiago: jaheikki3: pong
(5:01:16 PM) fkleint: jaheikki3: pong
(5:01:33 PM) jaheikki3: Time to start Qt 5.2 release team meeting
(5:01:45 PM) jaheikki3: On agenda today:
(5:01:56 PM) mapaaso: jaheikki3: pong
(5:02:17 PM) jaheikki3: Qt 5.2 RC1 status
(5:02:25 PM) wolfgang-b: jaheikki3, pong
(5:02:27 PM) jaheikki3: Anything else in the agenda?
(5:03:01 PM) fkleint: (please keep staging release changes) ;-)
(5:03:25 PM) jaheikki3: fkleint: trying...
(5:03:30 PM) fkleint: thx
(5:03:44 PM) jaheikki3: Ok, let's start RC1 status
(5:04:11 PM) jaheikki3: As I wrote in my mail, there has been problems with getting qt5.git integrated
(5:04:32 PM) jaheikki3: Now we have fix integrated and I just started qt5.git integration
(5:04:59 PM) jaheikki3: So if we are lucky we could have packages with new content available tomorrow
(5:05:41 PM) jaheikki3: iieklund promised to delay builds so that we can get qt5.git integrated before those starts
(5:06:42 PM) jaheikki3: but we are still missing some fixes & there hasn't been time for testing -> we cannot release RC1 tomorrow
(5:07:27 PM) jaheikki3: Let's hope we can get rest of needed fixes in really soon and we can do RC1 during this week...
(5:07:40 PM) jaheikki3: Any comments / questions?
(5:08:17 PM) thiago: one question:
(5:08:31 PM) thiago: shall we put configure.exe in the .tar.gz ?
(5:09:02 PM) jaheikki3: I notice your discussion related to it from qtlabs
(5:09:09 PM) jaheikki3: mapaaso:?
(5:09:33 PM) jaheikki3: mapaaso did some studies related to it already today
(5:09:57 PM) kkoehne [quassel at nat/digia/x-zhdwujcpxglflogv] entered the room.
(5:10:29 PM) jaheikki3: Does someone know why it was left out from that package?
(5:10:43 PM) jaheikki3: sahumada?
(5:10:54 PM) sahumada: jaheikki3: it was decided in the releasing at qt-project.org ML
(5:11:41 PM) jaheikki3: sahumada: Do you remember when?
(5:12:28 PM) mapaaso: thiago: I'm working on that.
(5:12:36 PM) sahumada: jaheikki3: http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/releasing/2013-April/001199.html
(5:12:53 PM) thiago: according to the task, there was no decision, so we just left things as they were
(5:13:25 PM) thiago: I would prefer that we ship no configure.exe anywhere and no include/ dir either
(5:13:39 PM) thiago: but more importantly, our packages must contain the same thing
(5:14:03 PM) kkoehne: thiago: We did get quite some outcry when dropping configure.exe, remember?
(5:14:09 PM) thiago: kkoehne: yup
(5:14:14 PM) thiago: which is why we are shipping it
(5:14:20 PM) thiago: so let's ship it in all packages
(5:14:24 PM) kkoehne: thiago: Exactly. So let's just ship it across the board :)
(5:14:58 PM) jaheikki3: mapaaso: was there some issues with that change?
(5:15:43 PM) mapaaso: jaheikki3: nothing major, but it has to be tested first.
(5:16:10 PM) jaheikki3: I am only wondering if we should change these packaging issues anymore?
(5:16:47 PM) jaheikki3: Could we live with current solution with 5.2 and change this in 5.2.1?
(5:16:57 PM) thiago: how hard can it be?
(5:17:07 PM) sahumada: we shouldnt .. not this late in the process anyways
(5:17:14 PM) thiago: aren't the zip and tar.gz files created in the same script?
(5:17:16 PM) kkoehne: sure, we did live with it until now,a fter all. Anyhow, can't we try to fix it while qt5.git isn't up to date, anyway ?
(5:17:20 PM) thiago: just make sure that it's part of it
(5:17:58 PM) thiago: we can fix after this package round, sure
(5:18:07 PM) thiago: so it misses the RC, but makes it for the release
(5:19:01 PM) jaheikki3: ok, let's try to fix this but it won't block the release, not RC or final. OK?
(5:19:21 PM) thiago: ok
(5:19:24 PM) kkoehne: sure
(5:19:54 PM) jaheikki3: OK, that was pretty much what I have today. Anything else?
(5:22:29 PM) jaheikki3: if not,just a next meeting. I'll propose next monday in this same time? Hoping we have RC1 done then and some feedback already available...
(5:22:36 PM) fkleint: yup
(5:23:21 PM) fkleint: about the release testing form, it points to the Wiki that states what the RTA does
(5:23:32 PM) fkleint: could the stuff done by RTA be deleted from the form?
(5:23:44 PM) fkleint: and the Wiki looks a bit like in a draft state
(5:24:03 PM) thiago: so if the packages are ready tomorrow, what then?
(5:24:11 PM) fkleint: testing,testing!
(5:24:20 PM) thiago: are there people ready to sanity check it and release on Wednesday?
(5:25:03 PM) sletta left the room (quit: Quit: sletta).
(5:25:54 PM) jaheikki3: thiago: we are still missing some changes so we need to get those in before RC. And getting results if everything is OK. So wed is too early bu thu maybe
(5:26:44 PM) fkleint: it maybe a bit too early , but we should have some kind of post-mortem and record what was sub-optimal this  time (API reviews, BC breaks , header diffs late in the process ) and make some sort of plan for 5.3...
(5:26:55 PM) jaheikki3: Packages tomorrow contains really many fixes so testing & verification is essential to see if all those works and don't break anything else
(5:27:19 PM) thiago: so we have another beta-quality package on our hands, but not an RC
(5:27:39 PM) thiago: by the end of this week, we'll be one month past the beta
(5:27:44 PM) thiago: time to release *something*
(5:28:08 PM) thiago: if packages are working at the end of this week but we don't have all required changes yet, I recommend we release it as beta 2
(5:28:41 PM) jaheikki3: thiago: There isn't so much changes left. I believe we could have those in soon and RC out at the end of this week
(5:29:16 PM) thiago: I'd like that
(5:29:33 PM) thiago: but what if they aren't there? Especially if they aren't yet even trying to go through the CI?
(5:31:31 PM) jaheikki3: thiago: I don't like to do beta2. It would then put pressure to delay final after christmas... 
(5:32:29 PM) jaheikki3: So I propose: Let's try to do RC1 during this week and if there is some reason why it doesn't happen let's agree on next monday meeting how to proceed?
(5:32:55 PM) thiago: one week is a long time
(5:33:15 PM) thiago: and next Monday we'll be arguing "we're so close, one or two more days we'll get the RC"
(5:33:31 PM) jaheikki3: thiago: true but I believe we can have RC during this week ;)
(5:33:34 PM) thiago: ok
(5:33:39 PM) thiago: then I'll trust you on that
(5:33:48 PM) thiago: let's wait until next Monday to decide
(5:33:59 PM) thiago: btw, are iOS builds working?
(5:34:30 PM) jaheikki3: Fix is in current qt5.git integration so if that succeed then yes
(5:35:46 PM) jaheikki3: Anything else?
(5:37:23 PM) jaheikki3: if not, let's end this meeting now, do the RC1 during this week!
(5:37:30 PM) jaheikki3: Bye
(5:37:47 PM) fkleint: bye
(5:38:02 PM) ZapB_: thx bye

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