[Releasing] New Qt5.3 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Apr 8 09:40:16 CEST 2014

Hi all,

New snapshot here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-04-07_46/

Some windows installers are unfortunately missing but mac & linux ones are all there.

Qt5 changes in these packages:

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,82607 :
Patch Set 5:

* qtactiveqt d069c8d...eaf2383 (1):
> Doc: Fix filter name for Assistant

* qtbase b94493e...758b9ad (41):
> Fix lance opengl painting test
> Rename QNX arm mkspecs to be aligned with SDP structure
> Add isCreated to QOpenGLTextureBlitter
> Dont assume qt_tablet_target widget exists from one event to the next
> Fix QTextEdit autotest
> QNX: Fix QAbstractItemView autotest
> BlackBerry: Fix tst_qdialog::show{Maximized,Minimized} tests
> Fixup QGuiApplication::sync to flush the QWSI queue
> Doc: fix link to changed topic title in Qt Creator Manual
> update bundled sqlite to
> Add a benchmark test for QCryptographicHash
> Compile: remove "register" keyword in MD5Transform
> do not define QT_NO_STYLE_S60 on Windows
> vcxproj generator: append version suffix only to library targets
> Windows XP target support for MSVC >= 2012
> move platform toolset retrieval to VcprojGenerator
> Fix regression in key handling.
> Update bundled libxkbcommon version to 0.4.1
> Fix cross platform detection of evdev on win32
> BlackBerry,QNX: Switch to QMAKE_PLATFORM from CONFIG
> Fixes related to evdev in the configure script
> Avoid recreating the underlying context in QGLContext wrappers
> Fix QTabBar autotest for high DPI displays
> Fix the QGridLayout autotest
> Fix QPushButton autotest
> Doc: Fix Qt Gui filter name in Assistant
> Fix UI squishing when using QWidget::setRenderToTexture
> Use Finder bundle identifier over path for OS X bundle detection
> Cocoa: Fix crash when disconnecting an AirDisplay monitor.
> Change the hidpi cursor hotspot coordinate mapping
> Cocoa: Close ToolTips on parent window move.
> Mac: Use QString::toNSString in QtBase.
> OS X: Fix QRubberBand drawing on retina displays
> Logging: Be also more strict with value of logging rule
> Avoid double clicks confusing popups
> d3dcompiler_qt: Fix default precompiled path
> Be less verbose about invalid keysyms
> Fix access of tmpStorage in QODBCResult::exec().
> Enable s390[x] detection.
> Android: Dont accept the volume-key events.
> Android: Stop ART from complaining about missing thread names.

* qtconnectivity 1b25616...2e0f7ad (3):
> Temporary file copy fix Bluez
> Cleaning headers in QBluetoothTransferReplyQnx class
> Implemented sending buffer files in QBluetoothTransferReply QNX

* qtdeclarative c1d2bcf...b02eeee (8):
> Stop the animation driver when no animations are ticking.
> Use global context sharing from QtGui instead of QSGContext
> Initialize variables in QQuickItemParticle
> Doc: Fix some code snippet warnings
> Use RAII for VME profiler
> QtQuick test: Do not complain about Qt specific arguments
> Fix missing header compilation error (shadow build)
> Work around warning by GCC 4.8 with -O3 about array out of bounds

* qtdoc 4c987bf...0e9e3ea (3):
> Add note about backslash escaping to documentation on qt.conf .
> Doc: Fix filter used for Assistant
> Doc: update the section about D-Bus on Mac

* qtlocation 99a143e...6a2bd5f (2):
> Avoid blocking simulator backend during its construction
> Simplify the detection of a QtSimulator build

* qtmultimedia a85e554...b0c68a1 (2):
> Add support for running on big-endian systems
> GStreamer: each QMediaPlayer now has its own volume by default.

* qtquickcontrols cca3c68...783da20 (1):
> Improve scrollbars on touch

* qtserialport 0bd5074...4a634dd (1):
> Dont remove -framework on Mac.

* qttools 24ed307...5d69491 (1):
> windeployqt: Add compiler runtime.

* qtwebkit 252bbcc...605fbb1 (3):
> icc does not have option -Wno-c++0x-compat
> Fix wrong VK keycodes
> Fix warnings found by the headerclean test

* qtwebsockets 29d9f1d...02529e4 (1):
> Fix compilation on QNX

From: Heikkinen Jani
Sent: 4. huhtikuuta 2014 14:15
To: development at qt-project.org
Cc: releasing at qt-project.org
Subject: New Qt5.3 snapshot available

Hi all,

Here is new snapshot available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-04-04_41/ .There is already windows & mac ones available, windows ones are coming...
Mirroring is also ongoing so don't worry if you don't see folder/installers immediately!

Snapshot should have QtCreator 3.1 RC1 included as well.

Please test these & verify your fixes!

Qt5 changes after beta release:
Patch Set 5:

* qtbase 30db215...b94493e (11):
> Avoid an "OpenGL Error: 1282" output when resizing a QOpenGLWidget
> Add a way to share context between QtQuick and QtWidgets
> Enable the depth and stencil buffers by default in QOpenGLWidget
> [xcb] Fix build failure
> Re-add missing test to kernel.pro
> QNX: Fix OpenGL autotest
> Remove docs for javascript core jit configurability
> Windows CE: Fix message about freetype font rendering.
> Do not set fwdcompat bit for a compatibility profile QGLFormat
> When looking up the window hierarchy, stop at foreign windows
> Use an offscreen surface in VAO cleanup

* qtconnectivity 27bb531...1b25616 (3):
> Remove old Bluetooth tennis example
> QML PingPong example added
> Equalize the docs front page layout with qtlocation and qtsensors.

* qtdeclarative f1b0606...c1d2bcf (6):
> On Mac only editable text input should receive tab focus
> Reduce memory consumption of runtime compiled QML types
> Avoid recompiling of signal handlers defined in QtQuick state changes and Connection objects
> Fix performance regression for bindings from QtQuick state changes
> Fix compilation of script strings
> Make example work when QOffscreenSurface == QWindow

* qtenginio a31f738...37eac18 (1):
> Doc: Avoid linking to collision pages

* qtlocation a13d8e8...99a143e (4):
> Fix compilation for embedded Android
> Document supported/available platforms for QtLocation & QtPositioning.
> Fix typo
> Android: Fix crashes due to insufficient resource cleanups

* qtmultimedia 3664988...a85e554 (5):
> Fix unit tests
> BlackBerry: Fix the rotation of the viewfinder
> Fix memory leak in SampleGrabberCallback
> Fix SourceResolver::State object leak
> Fix QSGGeometry object leak

* qtquickcontrols 644728a...cca3c68 (1):
> Update TextArea::wrapMode docs

* qtserialport 9e607c8...0bd5074 (1):
> Remove the noisy comments from the terminal example

* qttools b56451f...24ed307 (1):
> winrtrunner: Return true when receiveFile succeeds

* qtwebkit f9da390...252bbcc (1):
> Fix compilation: missing typedef for uint32_t

Patch Set 10:

* qtbase d688b7c...30db215 (56):
> Fix offset calculation on WinRT
> WinRT winmain: Pass ImagePath as part of ImageParams in Xap packages
> Fix unused variable warning
> Use configure -confirm-license option also in commercial Qt versions
> Item views: respect selection mode when closing an editor
> Item views: respect focus policy when closing an editor
> Add support for device capabilities on WinRT
> d3dcompiler_qt: Improve shader source structure
> Propagate textureChildSeen properly
> Make tst_qopengl more verbose.
> Send touch update events to widget if there is a gesture pending for it.
> Make QWindowsMultiFontEngine support deferred fallback families query
> Fix QFontCache::Key comparison for custom font fallbacks case
> Drop dead code
> Android: input method fixes for SwiftEdit keyboard
> iOS: Share default-FBO for windows between contexts in a share-group
> QNX: use QStringList::join(QChar) overload
> Update copyright year in tools output
> Updated outdated README for thread examples
> Update copyright year in LICENSE.LGPL
> Fix compile for embedded Android
> OS X QSettings auto test/writing check update
> Add documentation for WINRT_MANIFEST
> NSScreen screens may be empty so add the main screen in that case
> XCB: use requested primary screen DISPLAY=:0.1 when possible
> If no screens, attempting to create a window results in clean exit
> Remove a duplicate code of else-if statement
> QEvent: document and check when registerEventTypes() returns -1
> tst_QEvent: add another test-case for registerEventType()
> QNX: dont copy a QStringList twice every loop iteration
> Fix build on [older] MinGW
> Fix drawing paths with constant opacity onto PDF
> iOS: dont scroll towards cursor during touch press
> iOS: stop keyboard from reopending after the gesture finishes
> iOS: animate screen from current in-flight geometry
> iOS: keep keyboard rect in sync
> [QtSql]QIBASE]add support for prepared queries in numRowsAffected
> Android: eglBindAPI() wont return on certain devices.
> Accessibility Mac: CheckBoxes need value attribute
> Accessibility: Set checkable state for checkbox and buttons
> Add .dylib and .d to .gitignore
> Fix typos
> tst_qaccessibility: Introduce QTRY_VERIFY to menuTest().
> tst_qgraphicsproxywidget: Fix hang in actionsContextMenu().
> Stabilize tst_qtoolbutton for Windows 8.1.
> Do not rely on the list of standard font sizes for QFontDialog.
> Avoid out of bounds memory reads when scaling images
> Fix disappearing transient scrollbars
> Android: implement batch editing for input methods
> Pass events to QGestureManager from the main (GUI) thread only.
> Reduce clang compilation time of tst_qmetatype by ~2%
> iOS: Add support for offscreen GL surfaces without using hidden windows
> Polish the image gestures example.
> Android: Convert plain text to html text for native dialogs.
> d3dcompiler_qt: Directly link the d3dcompiler DLL on WinRT 8.1
> ANGLE: Dont export DLLMain functions for static builds

* qtconnectivity 9a7edb7...27bb531 (1):
> Replace double quote with single quote for single characters

* qtdeclarative 37fbfa4...f1b0606 (28):
> Maroon example: use multimedia for audio; mute when inactive
> PinchArea docs: elaborate on confusing aspects
> Give the QML and the debug server thread an objectname.
> Move inline function Bool Runtime::compareEqual() above usage.
> Making the CHUNKSIZE setable via environment variable
> Fix typo
> Fix compilation on QNX
> Document the QSG_VISUALIZE environment variable.
> Fix performance regression of parent setting during QML object creation
> Dont crash when render node doesnt have a batchroot
> Remove object index parameter from QQmlCustomParser::compile
> Eliminate noop translation bindings
> Remove dead code
> Make it possible to supply compilation units from plugins
> Enable GL context sharing for QtQuick windows by default
> Destroy render loop when QCoreApplication is cleaned up.
> Fix visual parent ownership with scenes that create windows
> Remove custom code for converting from QString to QColor
> Fix crash in conversion from QVariantMap to QJSValue
> V4 string table cleanups
> Various cleanups
> Fix crash in sparse array handling
> Fix a link in QQuickDragAttached::dragType documentation
> Fix interpreter math routines.
> Fix double deletion
> Doc: Add a module page for Qt Quick Widgets
> Fix QtSharedPointer::ExternalRefCountData object leak in v4 engine
> Doc: Document signals (not handlers) under \qmlattachedsignal

* qtdoc 3f81fcf...4c987bf (5):
> Doc: Integrate Enginio into overviews and Whats New page.
> Doc: Adding platform extras example pages into the main examples page.
> Fix small typo
> Doc: Adding links to other C++ reference pages in "All Classes" page.
> Doc: Enabling cross-linking to the Enginio Manual.

* qtenginio dca0f34...a31f738 (2):
> Doc: Adding \since commands to the C++ and QML API.
> Doc: Adding C++ classes page to list of modules.

* qtmultimedia 5c09bba...3664988 (4):
> QNX: Remove most of the CPU overhead for video rendering
> CoreAudio: fix supported channel count.
> Doc: Fix some documentation warnings
> fix: m_state was not declared in this scope

* qtqa 6d7e672...a1e2cb5 (2):
> Qtqa: Disable QtDeclaratives wip/v4 branch from ci
> Add Qt3D newapi tracking to Integrator

* qtquickcontrols cff094a...644728a (3):
> Doc: Fix some issues
> Disable mipmapping on the style item
> Add a note on recycling of delegates for TableView

* qttools d39d705...b56451f (5):
> winrtrunner: Pass the relative executable as part of ImageParams
> windeployqt: Disable d3dcompiler deployment on WinRT
> winrtrunner: Accept backslashes as well when looking for manifest file
> Add position and sensor plugins to deployment
> Fix dependencies in Qt Designer, Qt Linguist documentation.

* qtwebkit 9b75f92...f9da390 (2):
> Set image drag hotspot from drag image origin.
> Fix crash on access of dead QMimeData

* qtx11extras 01754de...947361a (2):
> test: Remove dead code around QX11Info::setAppDpi{X,Y}
> Doc: Remove references to nonexistent functions

* qtxmlpatterns e14e55a...d25091b (1):
> Fix typo

Patch Set 1:

* qtbase bd9f490...d688b7c (16):
> Deprecate QFont::setRawName() and QFont::rawName()
> Mark QPoint, QPointF, QRect, QRectF as reentrant.
> Fix typos in QFont documentation.
> iOS: Check FBO status and return failure from QIOSContext::makeCurrent()
> Keep track of destroyed QOpenGLContexts in QOpenGLVertexArrayObject
> Fix race condition in QOpenGLMultiGroupSharedResource
> Mac: make FSEvents-based QFileSystemWatcherEngine more robust.
> Cocoa: Dont stop NSApp when showing a modal dialog
> Check for administrative rights in tst_qsettings.
> Streamline code in standard gesture recognizers.
> Windows: Suppress window state change to normal when going from maximized to fullscreen.
> Improve keymap error handling
> Add better support for keymap update handling
> Android: Change Ministros source to 5.3
> Android: registerTouchDevice at startup
> Dont create screen surface if there are no raster windows.

* qtconnectivity a6adc6b...9a7edb7 (2):
> Doc: Fix doc warning
> Android: Fix error signal handling for rfcomm sockets

* qtdeclarative d453b38...37fbfa4 (9):
> Be a bit more conservative with allocating memory
> Fix instantiation of QML list models with custom object properties
> Remove the scribble option from the memory manager
> Get rid of collectDeletables
> Optimize ExecutionContext::setProperty
> Dont use scopes in the instanceOf operator
> Optimize construct calls
> Save another 4/8 bytes per QQmlBoundSignalExpression
> Let render loop be more tolerant wrt when markDirty is called.

* qtmultimedia ccce4e3...5c09bba (1):
> CoreAudio: Mismatched new[]/delete in several places.

* qttools 15b56c2...d39d705 (1):
> Fix some documentation errors.

* qtwebkit 160e07c...9b75f92 (1):
> Fix loading nested mpegurls using GStreamer

Patch Set 3:

* qtbase 0b87f4f...bd9f490 (27):
> Disable non-fullscreen windows for WinRT
> Doc: Fix typos
> Android: use fbo read back workaround with specific GPUs.
> Doc: Update year to 2014
> Android: REG: Fix launching intents
> Android: Fix missing data from some autotests
> Doc: Move IPC example documentation
> update bundled sqlite to
> Fix application font removal when using FontConfig
> QNX: Fix QWindow autotest
> QNX: Fix geometry changed event for non FS windows
> QNX: Retrieve name of the display
> Accessibility Mac: Fix handling of top level widget
> OSX: a window can be de-maximized by resizing
> Enhance QOffscreenSurface docs wrt the format
> Fix the QOpenGL autotests offscreen surface handling
> Stabilize tst_QProcess::softExitInSlots()
> Mark some tests as XFAIL on QNX
> Doc: Remove empty and duplicated file
> WinRT: Use registerFontFamily to reduce font registration overhead
> Make QWidget::render() work correctly with all paint devices
> Reuse one QCollator instance for QString::localeAwareCompare
> Polish tst_qsslsocket a bit.
> QDoc: Doc: Use correct terminology ("signal" vs. "signal handler")
> REG: Fix window repaint geometry
> Android: Fix software keyboard show/hide state
> qmake: change a linker option in .pc file from -llibhoge to -lhoge

* qtdeclarative 30f0b9a...d453b38 (7):
> Fix reading of shader sources in scene graph example
> Call tzset() from getLocalTZA() so we learn about tz changes
> Document limitations of QQuickWindow::createTextureXxx functions.
> Fix build on older MinGW
> Use an offscreen surface in Canvas
> Pass the actual window format to the offscreen surface during cleanup
> Fix warnings about deprecated construction of QStrings from ASCII.

* qtdoc d16aa23...3f81fcf (3):
> Doc: Fix warning about deprecated \bold usage
> Doc: Enable IPC examples group
> Update embedded linux docs with new variables

* qtenginio 25626c1...dca0f34 (1):
> Doc: Fix a number of documentation issues

* qtmultimedia 4aeda49...ccce4e3 (7):
> Android: Clean-up in jmultimediautils class.
> Android: Fix MetadataRetriver wrapper
> Android: Fix QtSurfaceTexture
> Android: Dont call release() unless its necessary.
> Blackberry: implement QCameraInfoControl.
> Android: Fix reload check in onStateChanged().
> Doc: fix two typos

* qtqa d4f1050...6d7e672 (3):
> Add QGLFunctionsPrivate to the bic ignore list
> Qtqa: Enable blacklisting of submodule update
> Qtqa: Add QtWaylands dev branch to CI

* qtquickcontrols 142e99b...cff094a (3):
> Doc: Fix broken links (explicit intra-module qualifiers)
> QtQuick.Dialogs FileDialog: dont go astray into resources on Android
> Doc: Fix some warnings in Qt Quick Controls

* qtrepotools 1e95003...be11e22 (4):
> complain about files without trailing newline
> add possibility to exclude only particular branches
> add possibility to completely exclude projects from sanity review
> micro-optimize / make consistent sign-off check

* qttools 6b8a875...15b56c2 (1):
> MacDeployQt: Add -always-overwrite option.

* qtwebkit-examples 3dbc1ad...c9d1313 (2):
> Doc: Fix most of the documentation warnings
> Doc: Remove nonexistent qtwebkitwidgets reference

Patch Set 7:

* qtactiveqt 2f758a7...d069c8d (1):
> Hide internal type and function of QAxBase from qdoc.

* qtbase 0afe3c7...0b87f4f (29):
> Android: Fix font merging
> Fix regression in minimized state handling
> WinRT: Prevent GUI dispatcher lookup from non-GUI thread
> Fix up warnings in linuxfb
> egl: Remove commented code
> Remove unused ifdef
> eglfs: Add a way to force 24/32 bit configs
> eglfs: Print the chosen config in debug mode
> Externalize license key handling from configure
> eglfs: Avoid double surfaceFormatFor() calls
> Fix grammar in QFontInfo::styleName() doc.
> Update evdevtouch readme
> OSX: make reported window state consistent with reality
> Remove useless Q_NO_DECLARED_NOT_DEFINED flag
> WinPhone: Install DejaVu ttf fonts into Qt
> winphone: deploy default font files as DirectWrite is not supported
> Set default activity launchMode to singleInstance
> [HarfBuzz-NG] Optimize Unicode de-/composition callbacks
> Implement DownloadLocation retrieving using SHGetKnownFolderPath
> QPrintDialog - Add more options to manual test
> QPrintDialog - Convert manual test to .ui file
> Do not use -Bsymbolic* on anything but x86 and x86-64
> Doc: Fix warning about nonexistent message parameter
> Fix tst_QTextScriptEngine failures on some platforms
> Fix some documentation errors.
> QNX: Fix sending of expose events
> Apply fontconfig settings to custom fonts
> configure: Disable XCB auto-detection on Mac
> Fix crash: make sure functions pointer is initialized.

* qtconnectivity 08e2153...a6adc6b (3):
> Remove building of doc snippets on Android
> QNX: Remove nested event loop
> Android: Improve QBluetoothLocalDevice::connectedDevices()

* qtdeclarative b3d8a4d...30f0b9a (11):
> Dont create prototype objects for bindings
> Optional reporting of GC statistics to stdout
> Remove unused method
> Remove code for conservative GC
> Correctly parse unicode escape sequences between 0 and u001f
> Small fixes
> Fix typo in calqlatr example doc.
> Fix some documentation errors.
> Fix infinite loop in method overload resolution
> tests: fix tst_qqmllanguage::importIncorrectCase() and errors(incorrectCase)
> Dont crash on Runtime::getQmlImportedScripts

* qtdoc bc4c4c0...d16aa23 (3):
> Doc: Edited main Qt Examples and Tutorials landing page.
> Fix some qdoc warnings.
> Sensors support WinRT since Qt 5.3

* qtmultimedia 904881d...4aeda49 (1):
> Fix enums for QML camera types.

* qtqa 065f4d5...d4f1050 (1):
> Make license headers optional for test directories.

* qtquick1 6ac69be...292a670 (1):
> Ensure TextEdits text is vertically aligned after resizing its height.

* qtquickcontrols b69eb02...142e99b (1):
> Warn that use of private types requires both public and private imports

* qtsensors 971fc95...8b11dde (1):
> Make it obvious what platforms are supported by QtSensors.

* qtserialport 33bd1e0...9e607c8 (1):
> Skip qt4support when generating documentation.

* qttools 4df67e9...6b8a875 (6):
> cmake: Do not add .exe postfix for linguist tools in cross-compile situations
> Populate Qt Assistants TOC from documentation directory.
> CoreCon: Improve error messaging
> Fix broken navigation in assistant with no webkit.
> Compile.
> Update Qt Assistants TOC for Qt 5.3

* qtwebkit 76fd59a...160e07c (1):
> Mention default encoding for QML WebView loadHtml method in docs.

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