[Releasing] SPDY feature in Qt 5.3

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at digia.com
Fri Feb 14 16:07:46 CET 2014

Fredag 14. februar 2014 15.28.22 skrev Peter Hartmann:
> Hello,
> I am having problems with getting the commit in that adds SPDY
> functionality to QtNetwork ([1]). The problem is not the commit itself,
> but the network test server apparently not installing the module for the
> server correctly ([*], [2]).
> I have tried to deploy the module for the server on my own test server
> setup, and all auto tests work fine there; but since I don't have access
> to the machines on the CI system, it is hard for me to investigate what
> is going on.
> I wonder whether it would be possible to get the commit in before the
> feature freeze anyhow by making the auto tests insignificant for now?

Since we generally get tests to pass, I'd rather not disable any of them, not 
even for new code.

The patch was ready before the feature freze, so I'd rather have you work with 
Tony on getting the tests working and submit the patch to the stable branch if 
the deadline is missed because of the tests not working in time.

(note, I'm not part of the release team, just suggesting this)


> The new functionality is opt-in (i.e. not used by default), and given
> that the current network auto tests still work (and would be tested when
> cherry-picking the commit), there would be a low risk of breaking
> existing code.
> Please let me know what you think, I guess ultimately Lars has to decide
> whether this is possible or not (or maybe somebody else, I don't know).
> Peter
> [*] For some strange reason, the tests pass on one machine [3] and fails
> on another [4]
> [1] https://codereview.qt-project.org/77480
> [2] https://codereview.qt-project.org/77620
> [3]
> http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/QtBase_dev_Integration/build_02931/linu
> x-g++_no-widgets_Ubuntu_12.04_x64/log.txt.gz [4]
> http://testresults.qt-project.org/ci/QtBase_dev_Integration/build_02931/linu
> x-g++_developer-build_qtnamespace_qtlibinfix_Ubuntu_11.10_x64/log.txt.gz
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