[Releasing] rethinking the branching scheme / sha1 proposal

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> Em qua 19 fev 2014, às 16:44:09, Frederik Gladhorn escreveu:
> > > We're also unable to make further releases due to lack of manpower:
> right
> > > now, the release team is skeptical whether it is able to make 5.2.2.
> > > Changing the branching scheme does not buy us more manpower.
> >
> > Here I would like to be optimistic and hope that we get to a state where
> > releases only take a short time in packaging, then get some nice release
> > test  automation thrown at them and only then a manual checkup that
> they
> > are OK.
> Releasing version N before version N+1's beta is not a problem. The release
> branch is still there.
> Releasing after the beta might be a problem since we may have overwritten
> the
> branches. But the SHA-1 of the commits still exist and there are the old/5.x
> branches. If we really wanted to, we could make releases.
> Branches are not stopping us from doing that. Manpower is.

Actually it is manpower & lack of CPU time. At the moment our packaging system isn't capable to create build & packages for different releases at same time. We are starting to create 5.3 packages and there is some different tool versions etc compared to 5.2.2 and that's why it is hard to produce both packages with our current set-up. We are done needed actions so that we can produce 5.2.2 packages if those are really needed but then that time is unfortunately away from 5.3 package creation :( And it isn't small effort to change that, unfortunately...

We have plans & actions ongoing to make this possible in the future but just now we need to survive with current set-up. Hoping Tony can get on-demand  system working soon; it will help us a lot with this.


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