[Releasing] New Qt 4.8.6 snapshots available ...

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Fri Jan 24 17:13:58 CET 2014

Hi all,

New Qt 4.8.6 snapshots available on http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/4.8/2014-01-24_457/.

Changes in these packages:
a585f2ae4538287ed57237a571e87a03c5a54207 Correct algorithm for digest auth when using the CONNECT verb
40db54f8182e427f76c663aec15c3a6a682b3c9f QWindowVistaStyle: Always initialize text color of menu items
05651ca4be506eaf9714a3f37c629a58c5c5856d QWindowsVistaStyle: Fixed position of menu gutter when using a custom widget action.
46613b276364a78b803a7eb4d8e96bced5c20155 rebuild configure.exe
682ed9df439481e1f8e8651c4aa06f1b455a2080 add support for Visual Studio 2013
248918b03fcbe6e20d1f8e757e3430bbf0f20d47 Make configure.exe only detect each compiler once

Akseli Salovaara
Digia, Qt

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