[Releasing] New Qt5.3 Beta snapshots available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Mar 18 14:02:13 CET 2014

Hi all,
We have new snapshot coming here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-03-18_18/

Linux ones are already there, mac & windows coming later today

These aren't yet final Qt 5.3 beta packages but please start testing these & verify your fixes.

Qt5 changes in these packages:

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,81012 :
Patch Set 1:

* qtdeclarative 2ef11a2...4ef1032 (4):
> Canvas: do not emit paint when resized but hidden
> Fix crash when calling concat on an empty array
> Fix crash on shutdown with states
> Use stable sort when cleaning batches.

* qttools 2c9f020...fc28a91 (2):
> Add QQuickWidget as a Qt Designer plugin.
> qtd3dservice: Lock the app to a single instance

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,80525 :
Patch Set 14:

* qtbase d87ddcf...0b7beaa (123):
> Fix rendering of grayscale antialiased FT fonts on QGLWidget
> Remove level 4 compiler warnings from MSVC.
> QXcbWindow - inline the atom functions
> Update QScreen::availableGeometry() on _NET_WORKAREA atom changes
> Cocoa: added queryKeyboardModifiers() in platform plugin
> Mac: Add support for high-dpi custom pixmap QCursors
> Cocoa: Disable the zoom button when appropriate
> Android: Delay the set of the BackingStore if window->handle() is null.
> Android: Fix another "QApplication not on main() thread" crash
> iOS: update keyboard rectangle when scrolling the screen
> Windows native file dialog: Allow for omitting name filter description.
> Add verbose messages to tst_qnetworkreply.
> Resurrect QGLWidget::renderText()
> Prevent DrawTextItemDevice::metric warning on Mac
> Fix casting and overallocation in qregion.cpp
> Cocoa: Get rid of the forward window pointer asap
> Remove the _qt_filedialog_xxx hooks
> Use QCommandLineParser in example dnslookup.
> make property name doc match reality
> Doc: Fix syntax/compiler error in QThread snippet
> Document %{if-category} in default message pattern
> Docs: Clarify QOpenGLFunctions::functions()
> HTTP internals: keep consistent state in channel and protocol handler
> Android: Turn off thumb for armv5 again
> Fix a probably copy/paste issue from drawImage in the drawPixmap snippet
> QWindowsXP/VistaStyle: Fix detection of item view delegate line edits.
> WinRT: Add debug message handler for winrtrunner
> iOS: fix build failure __IPHONE_NA not defined
> d3dcompiler_qt: Remove control file semantics
> Use Uniform Type Identifiers to detect OS X bundles
> Disable QtOpenGL in dynamicgl builds
> Fix dynamic opengl build
> Fix one bogus print to stderr: use toLocal8Bit()
> Add AArch64 support to qfilesystemwatcher_inotify.cpp
> Introduce GENERATED_TESTDATA variable and fix qresourceengine test.
> QNX: Fix touch position
> BlackBerry: Add button color to dark palette
> Android: Use proper empty strings in key events
> Handle key release events correctly
> Dont block Key_Back in file dialog
> properly replace windows paths in installed plugin prl files
> enable path replacement in installed plugin prl files on all platforms
> Add GL information to qpainfo.
> iOS: Create folder for SUBDIR projects
> Fix spurious XPASS in tst_QGraphicsAnchorLayout.
> Add workaround for bug in the Mesa glsl optimizer
> Vista Style: More menu item pixel fixes for QtQuick Controls
> Complete support for no-fullscreen parameter
> [XCB] Fix crash in QML drag-and-drop
> Fix compilation with QNATIVESOCKETENGINE_DEBUG enabled
> Fix tst_qthreadpool under high load.
> Add missing \since 5.0 to QProcess::{program,arguments}.
> Add compiler name for Clang in QLibraryInfo::build()
> [XCB] Fix drag-and-drop segfault
> Fix Direct2D clipping when Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent is true
> Repaint widgets on screen change.
> XCB plugin: query screen resources without _current
> Windows: Change defaultNameFilterDisables() to return false.
> contextinfo: Make it more responsive and improve error handling
> contextinfo example: Print the format() both for context and surface
> Make QtCriticalMsg exit on QT_FATAL_CRITICALS
> BB select(): move special select method to qcore_unix_p.h
> Fix qchar testdata installation.
> Build bundled HarfBuzz-NG outside QtGui
> Make bundled HarfBuzz-NG not depend on Qt
> Windows: Support .pdb file names with spaces.
> Fix deprecated setOption() usage in GLX integration
> Fix a crash of accessing deleted paintengine
> QGtkStyle: remove file dialog functionality
> Cocoa: Fix crash when closing window from title bar
> docs: QApplication::startDragDistance default value is 10
> BlackBerry: Improve platform specific documentation
> QNX: Fix screen event handling
> WinRT: Separate backing store initialization to be more robust
> fix namespaced WinRT build
> fix warning
> correct send vs sent grammar
> Dont show evaluation popup for unsupported evaluation
> Cancel NSURLConnections before releasing them.
> Disable UNC tests on WinRT.
> Implement QStandardPaths::GenericConfigLocation for WinRT.
> Add sizeLessWindow test case.
> Make android non-prefix shadow build usable
> Fix docs: QT_FATAL_WARNINGS acts when not empty
> Fix WinRT design-mode manifest location.
> Doc: Fix issue in QThread example code
> Removed unnecessary TESTDATA statement from qmessageauthenticationcode.
> Fix Mac Bearer when machine has no wifi
> Disable splashScreenModality test: dialog is going under splash screen
> Remove calls to setlocale in QtOpenGL cube example.
> Dont populate font families using localized family names on OS X/iOS
> Fix a few build warnings on iOS due to unused functions
> Ensure that QGuiApplication is inited before using QFontDatabase
> Remove definition QT_EDITION
> QQuickWidget: fix crash on exit
> QQuickWidget move/resize fix
> Doc: Add links to new Qt Creator Manual topics
> Logging: Let user configure rules via QT_LOGGING_RULES
> Optionally print from where logging rules are loaded
> Use QStringRef for parsing of logging rules
> Make parsing of categories in logging rules more strict
> Make parsing of categories in logging rules consistent.
> QDebug: Allow text stream formatting for 64 bit numbers
> Replace Note: with \note in documentation
> tests: Mark tst_qdbus* tests as insignificant on OS X
> Stabilize tst_qnetworkreply on Windows.
> Fix network tests relying on troll.no
> Remove need to populate font database on OS X to get fallback families
> Fix custom font substitution list support
> Guarantee QPFDB::fontEngine() always return non-multi font engine
> Add EGL_KHR_create_context support
> egl: Choose GLES3 capable configs when needed
> egl: Update the OpenGL version in the contexts QSurfaceFormat
> Remove unused parameter from QEGLPlatformContext constructor
> QNX: Change the way one requests child windows
> Skip the test abort of tst_qftp.
> Increase timeout in tst_NetworkSelfTest.
> Fix CJK languages support with HarfBuzz-NG
> Revert some previously added constexpr in QVector?d classes
> Doc: correction link, example and parameter issues qtbase
> Avoid using direct OpenGL calls in gui and widgets
> Use QStringIterator instead of homebrew
> Android: Support double click event

* qtconnectivity b4e70ef...2802eac (12):
> Ensure examples behave on default backend and/or with no local Bt device
> Convert internal function parameter to const &
> Fix a few TODOs around the source code and remove obsolete ones
> Fix code snippet error in docs and point out supported NFC platforms
> Improve NFC documentation
> Android: Fix crashes due to concurrency issues
> Android: Dont directly use java field values
> Android: Dont directly use the action string values but refer to the fields.
> Update .gitignore for qtconnectivity after several binary adds/removals
> Update QtBluetooth docs for Qt 5.3
> Build the bluetooth doc snippet.
> Add screenshots and description to the QML scanner example.

* qtdeclarative 0c5620c...2ef11a2 (50):
> WinRT: Disable qml debugger autotest
> Fix crash when appending arrays to sub models in list models
> Make sure QSGRenderLoop is cleaned up cleanly.
> Fix WorkerScript object leak
> Move Qt Quick Widgets example and document it
> Fix QQmlContextData object leak
> Fix QmldirCache object leak
> Fix CompiledData::CompilationUnit object leak
> Fix crash in qml/qmlscene when using dummy-data with imports
> Fix QQmlTypeNameCache object leak
> Fix rendering issue with material changes from opaque <-> alpha
> Allow maximum block size to be specified as an environment variable.
> Dont crash if a ScriptAction changes state mid-transition.
> Fix QQmlTypeData object leak
> Fix QQmlBoundSignalExpression::Data object leak
> Fix QV4::IR::Function object leak
> Ensure TextEdits text is vertically aligned after resizing its height.
> Fix property caches out of sync with grouped properties that have a VME meta object
> Add some error handling to the QQuickWidget example.
> Consolidate context creation failure handling in Quick.
> QQuickWindow: let clearFocusObject actually clear the focus object
> Static plugins: support loading static plugins from several engines
> Item views: avoid fixing up the position while moving/flicking
> Doc: Re-organized Qt Quicks examples page.
> Dont crash when a signal/slot connection outlives the engine
> networkaccessmanagerfactory example: Fixed build with QT_NO_NETWORKPROXY
> networkaccessmanagerfactory example: introduced QCommandLineParser
> QQuickWindow cleanup: Remove forceRendering flag
> qmldebugger: avoid loading tcp module in inspector
> Avoid crash when unlinking compilation unit
> Remove redundant QQmlBinding members.
> Doc: Fix issues in QQuickWidget documentation
> qmldebugger: handle static builds correctly
> Add support for resolving translation bindings at compile time
> Fix incorrectly initialized property cache on group objects
> Fix linking
> Doc: Adding QQuickWidgets path to the qtquick.qdocconf
> Allow detaching V4 debuggers in agent destructor
> Doc: Qt QML: Document signals (not handlers) under \qmlsignal
> Dont delete the QML engines from the profiler service destructor
> Cleanup our runtime methods
> Fix copying of Propertys
> Fix compile error
> Stack size increase for x86 QNX systems
> MultiPointTouchArea: make nested.qml autotest easier to debug
> Fix TextEdit::lineCount to update as appropriate
> Remove several uses of module includes
> MultiPointTouchArea: handles mouse too, unless mouseEnabled is false
> QQuickWidget: handle resize to empty size
> Fixed qqmlapplicationengine autotest build for QT_NO_PROCESS

* qtdoc 19e8e58...1489388 (7):
> Doc: Edited Getting Started page.
> Doc: Added a note about editing the default AndroidManifest.xml
> Doc: Added info on Qt WebSockets module
> Doc: Fixed link to Qt WebSockets
> Doc: Creating "Whats New in Qt 5.3" page.
> Update connectivity and position info for Qt 5.3
> Add Qt WebSockets to add-ons and connectivity documentation

* qtlocation 5f0023a...c2a59fa (3):
> Fix compile warning.
> Parse Nokia route response in helper thread.
> Parse Nokia geocode response in helper thread.

* qtmacextras 2d801e1...3d7f132 (1):
> Document obsolete from/toNSData functions

* qtmultimedia f1db56d...d7533fd (2):
> AVFoundation: Fix another crash when destroying a QMediaPlayer
> Add missing documentation for Audio and MediaPlayer loops property.

* qtqa 4016f89...065f4d5 (1):
> Qtqa: Add support for ios-sim to run iOS tests in simulator

* qtquickcontrols b1c53e9...d909863 (11):
> QtQuick.Dialogs Dialog: implicit geometry fixes
> Menu: Improved sloppy menus logic
> Menu: Estimate item height from first visible item
> Label should use SystemPalette.windowText
> Styling improvements for Calendar
> Fixed offset for overlay in moveable TableViewColumns
> Replace module includes in dialogs
> Popupmenu: update item under mouse upon press
> Simplify Sliders MouseArea
> MenuItem: Update platform menu item when checkable changes
> Native MessageDialog: connect the new version of the clicked signal

* qtrepotools e3345e6...1e95003 (5):
> complain about bug references in summaries
> complain about reverts with useless commit message
> hint about Signed-off-by footers
> complain about Reviewed-by footers
> Create .git/info directory if it does not exist before grafting

* qtscript 81993ba...08d9ef7 (1):
> Fix recursive calling of QScriptProgram

* qtsensors 9677161...522026b (3):
> Remove unused and unlinked qdocconf file from the project.
> BlackBerry: Update threshold for close detection
> Fix the examples so they can be deployed on Android

* qttools ded1b5c...2c9f020 (8):
> qtd3dservice: Fix bad handle close at shutdown
> qtd3dservice: Remove Windows Service mode
> qtd3dservice: Switch to HKLM for appx registry lookup
> qtd3dservice: Remove registry options
> qtd3dservice: Disable check for development mode of apps for VS 2012
> windeployqt: fix informational output
> winrtrunner: Fix includepath
> windeployqt: Deploy d3dcompiler from system only if word size matches.

* qtwebkit bb9c1f3...b2254b0 (11):
> Fix link and image dragging
> Fix dragging of selections
> Fix build with force_static_libs_as_shared
> Fix crash with rendering sliders that have anonymous nodes.
> Fix the webkit build with icu on Mac OS X 10.9.
> Fix missing image in QWebView class documentation.
> Fix documentation of the selector API
> Use qmake optimize_full
> Fix crash in BitmapImage::destroyDecodedData()
> Assertion failure in Range::processContentsBetweenOffsets
> REGRESSION (r139343): WebKit crashes when canceling a load inside

* qtwebsockets c714231...5c7ec14 (11):
> Doc: Language/writ. guidelines review Qt WebSockets
> Doc: Add generic thumbnails for the examples
> Doc: Move and edit examples page
> Add warning to example regarding ignoring ssl errors
> Fix unit tests
> Fix for self-signed certificates
> Return correct error string for known socket errors
> Update documentation.
> Doc: Review documentation Qt WebSockets
> Fix documentation warnings
> Fix Google Chrome connection problem

* qtx11extras 0b2d73d...01754de (2):
> Fix hard dep on widgets for autotests
> remove QtWidgets dependency

From: Heikkinen Jani
Sent: 13. maaliskuuta 2014 13:16
To: development at qt-project.org
Cc: releasing at qt-project.org
Subject: RE: First Qt 5.3 Beta snapshots available

Hi all,

There is now better set of installers available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-03-13_9/ . Content is same than yesterday but now there is installers also for mac & most of windows ones as well.


From: Heikkinen Jani
Sent: 12. maaliskuuta 2014 14:51
To: development at qt-project.org
Cc: releasing at qt-project.org
Subject: First Qt 5.3 Beta snapshots available

Hi all,

We have finally first snapshots for Qt 5.3 Beta available here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-03-12_5/ . Unfortunately there is only Linux ones & few for windows. We are hoping we could get more windows ones soon, maybe even today. Mac installers are also under work, let's see if we can produce those already today...

Please try existing ones, verify your fixes & report your new findings to Jira.

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