[Releasing] Qt 5.5 string freeze

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Fri May 22 10:50:24 CEST 2015

Hi all,

As warned a week ago string freeze is now in effect. Please, no changes to translatable strings from now on, unless approved by the documentation team.


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Subject: HEADS UP - Qt5.5 schedule & coming milestones (string freeze etc)

Hi all,

Finally it seems we can release Qt 5.5 Beta quite soon. We are trying to put it out during this week; I am really hoping we can finally do it. As you all should know we are badly behind the schedule and so on we need adjust our plan so that we can still get Qt 5.5 out before summer holiday season starts.

First of of all we need to declare string freeze for Qt 5.5 modules. It is now time to start keeping the translatable strings as it is and fix remaining important issues. I think it should be OK to have official string freeze already 22.5.2015.

We need also start branching from '5.5' to '5.5.0' quite soon after the beta release. To be able to release final during June we need to start branching latest 25.5.2015 & do final downmerge from '5.5' to '5.5.0' 1.6.2015.

With schedule above we could have RC 11.6.2015 & Final 23.6.2015.

So it will be really tight to get Qt5.5 out before summer holidays. To ensure that we need to minimize changes after the beta release & be really ready at RC. This means all needed changes MUST BE IN well before RC, latest 7.6.2015 (including all changes files etc)! We also need to avoid all nice-to-have fixes etc now to minimize risks. I hope everyone can understand that & not trying to put those in. Please be tight with that; postpone all possible changes in 5.5.1/5.6! I know this is a bit silly at this point when beta isn't even out but we need to do this to be able to keep the schedule above.

Every idea how to secure the schedule is welcome. I hope everyone takes this seriously & do their best to make this happen!


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