[Releasing] Meeting minutes: Qt release team meeting 29.09.2015

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Wed Sep 30 11:39:41 CEST 2015

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 22th September 2015

Qt 5.5.1 status

- New blocker reported. Fix already available

-> New packages needed.

- Will be tight to get release out during this week, let's see (we are still trying)

Qt 5.6 Beta status
- First enterprise binary snapshot already created

* Linux one useless, mac seems to work somehow, windows ones under work

- LGPL binary snapshot coming soon as well

Next meeting Tue 13th Oct 2015 16:00 CET


Irc log below:

[17:04:10] <jaheikki3> akseli: iieklund: kkoehne: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical: vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl: ablasche: ping
[17:04:19] <ankokko_> jaheikki3: pong
[17:04:28] <fkleint> aheikki3: pong
[17:04:32] <akseli> jaheikki3: pong
[17:05:18] <jaheikki3> Time to start qt release team meeting
[17:05:23] <jaheikki3> On agenda today:
[17:05:28] <jaheikki3> qt 5.5.1 status
[17:05:34] <jaheikki3> qt 5.6 beta status
[17:05:45] <jaheikki3> Any additional item to the agenda?
[17:06:57] <carewolf> pong
[17:07:18] <jaheikki3> Let's start from Qt 5.5.1 status
[17:07:35] <jaheikki3> New 'rc' under testing
[17:08:28] <jaheikki3> Unfortunately it isn't final one: New blocker reported (QTBUG-38481), fix under integration atm
[17:08:40] <jaheikki3> When integration succeefd
[17:08:59] <jaheikki3> new qt5.git integration + new packaging round needed
[17:09:27] <jaheikki3> --> Will be really hard to get qt5.5.1 release during this week
[17:09:43] <jaheikki3> But we are still trying, let's see
[17:09:58] <jaheikki3> Any comments / questions?
[17:12:26] <jaheikki3> Ok, then 5.6 beta status
[17:12:55] <jaheikki3> first enterprise binary packages created for linux & mac
[17:13:16] <jaheikki3> binaries are from new CI
[17:13:43] <fkleint> *suspense*
[17:13:46] <fkleint> WINdows upcoming?
[17:14:00] <jaheikki3> Linux one is useless, new ci has too old icu
[17:14:08] <jaheikki3> mac one seems to work somehow
[17:14:36] <jaheikki3> Windows ones under work but some work still needed
[17:15:16] <jaheikki3> LGPL packages will be created as soon as possible as well, hoping we could get first ones quite soon
[17:15:44] <fregl> jaheikki3: I have win 10 / msvc 2015 machines now
[17:16:01] <fkleint> Yippie..packages?
[17:16:02] <fregl> so I hope in one or two days we'll have all needed windows configs running, maybe even today
[17:16:22] <jaheikki3> fregl: Geat!
[17:16:30] <fregl> fkleint: the packages follow automatically, so yes, as soon as the builds are through iieklund_ can run his tool to upload the binaries
[17:16:39] <fregl> fingers crossed of course
[17:17:11] <fregl> we also added the missing android configs, so there is only one rhel config not up to date when it comes to ICU, that will be done this week too, so right now I'm cautiously optimistic
[17:17:55] <fregl> this time we'll really need to do a good testing job on 5.6, so we compile with the right DB drivers and such everywhere
[17:18:11] <fregl> but we'll only have to fix it once and hopefully won't have regressions there again
[17:19:41] <jaheikki3> fregl: Yeah, my intention is to emphasize that testing need when sending information about first snapshot (when available)
[17:21:15] <jaheikki3> Any other comments / questions?
[17:22:22] <fkleint> 5.6 will hopefully have RTA in the loop?
[17:24:00] <jaheikki3> fkleint: Yes, first run already done
[17:26:43] <fregl> jaheikki3: sweet :)
[17:27:05] <jaheikki3> Ok, that was all at this time. let's end this meeting now and have new one next Tue at this same time
[17:27:15] <fkleint> Qt WS
[17:27:19] <fkleint> no point, I guess?
[17:27:54] <jaheikki3> fkleint: ahh, true. Lets have new one ather two weeks then
[17:29:30] <jaheikki3> OK, that was all. Thanks for your participation. Bye!
[17:29:42] <fkleint> bye
[17:29:45] <ankokko_> bye
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