[Releasing] [Development] Qt 5.6.0 missing change files

Jędrzej Nowacki jedrzej.nowacki at theqtcompany.com
Wed Feb 24 09:09:01 CET 2016

On Wednesday 24 of February 2016 06:57:43 Heikkinen Jani wrote:
> Hi all,
> We really need these during this week!
> Still missing:
> (qtenginio)
No big changes
> (qtscript)
No big changes
> qtsvg
No big changes 
> qtwebchannel
No big changes
> qtwebsockets
No big changes 
> qtx11extras
No changes (only version was bumped)
> qtxmlpatterns
No big changes 
Maybe it is wroth to have a default fall-back to an "empty" changelog? 
Something that mentions minor code and docs cleanups plus small bug fixes?


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