[Releasing] [Development] brown paper bag issue in Qt 5.6.1 packages

Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
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The more there are changes, the more we need to test and the higher the probability of some other things going wrong. If there is only one (or few enough) change to an existing version, we can release binaries in a couple of days e.g. to address a vulnerability or like this case a bad bug.



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In my opinion bumping version numbers and doing totally new release because of just one fix is too heavy. I think we should have a way to produce this kind of update with 'simple hot fix ' easily and quickly without re-doing whole release in case of this kind of blocker.

This reopens a question which is still very obscure to the community (or at least to me), which is: what is the complexity of creating packages? Why is redoing packages with a different version number (say, by branching 5.6.1 into 5.6.2) "too heavy"? Could you please share some insights on what happens behind the scenes?

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Giuseppe D'Angelo
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