[Releasing] [Development] brown paper bag issue in Qt 5.6.1 packages

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> On 23.06.2016 01:07, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > On quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016 10:20:15 PDT Jani Heikkinen wrote:
> >> 10. Test the release. If we update existing release with one change
> >> it is much easier to test. We need just test that the fix is in and
> >> fixes the issue + don't break anything else. And of course test that
> >> packaging went ok. So we can rely on RTA in this case pretty much but
> >> with totally new release we need significantly more manual test
> >> effort in addition and that takes time (testing + collecting results).
> >
> > What (or who) is RTA?
> >
> > Rapid Testing Automation?
> >
> > Release Testing Automation?
> >
> > Release Testing Authority?
> >
> http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/releasing/2013-November/001502.html

Release Test Automation (RTA) is a system that automatically installs binary packages and runs a series of tests in multiple platforms using Froglogic Squish and various Qt applications. It is currently a separate system, commanded by Jenkins. The system can run a quick smoke test set before manual testing of a snapshot starts, and it can also run a more complete set, which is especially beneficial for patch releases. 

It of course does not have to be separate, it could be part of the same CI system as other tests are. But for the while being it is not connected to the CI. 

People operating the RTA are working in the release & qa team, it is not a separate organization.



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