[Releasing] Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 28.11.2017

Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen at qt.io
Tue Nov 28 16:30:23 CET 2017

Meeting minutes from Qt Release Team meeting 28th November 2017

Qt 5.10.0 status:
- RC released yesterday
- Testing mostly done & unfortunately couple of  bad regression issues found -> we will release RC2 as soon as possible
   * RC2 new content under integration already
- Target is to get RC2 out as soon as possible & start  new test round
- New target date for Qt 5.10.0 final release 7.12.2017
   * 'Go/No-Go' in next meeting 

Next meeting Tue 5th December 2017 16:00 CET


irc log below:

[17:01:00] <jaheikki3> akseli: iieklund: thiago: fkleint: ZapB: tronical:vladimirM: aholza: peter-h: mapaaso: ankokko: fkleint: carewolf: fregl:ablasche:lars: ping 
[17:01:33] <akseli> jaheikki3: pong
[17:02:29] <jaheikki3> Time to start qt release team meeting
[17:02:37] <thiago> jaheikki3: pong
[17:02:39] <jaheikki3> On agenda today:
[17:02:40] <carewolf> pong
[17:02:48] <jaheikki3> Qt 5.10 status
[17:02:58] <jaheikki3> Any additional item to the agenda?
[17:03:58] <jaheikki3> Ok, let's browse through the status 
[17:04:20] <jaheikki3> RC released yesterday, testing ongoing
[17:04:50] <jaheikki3> Most platforms already tested & unfortunately few release blockers reported
[17:05:31] <jaheikki3> Luckily we have fixes for all new blockers under integration already
[17:06:27] <jaheikki3> Target is to create RC2 as soon as possible, test it and put the final out
[17:07:06] <thiago> rc2 being the final?
[17:07:06] <jaheikki3> Let's see if we can do all needed during this week or will the final release be postponed to next week
[17:07:13] <jaheikki3> thiago: yes
[17:07:20] <thiago> it's a little difficult right now if the Stage button is even missing...
[17:07:34] <jaheikki3> thiago: ?
[17:07:50] <lars> thiago: jaheikki3: I think it's only missing for some branches
[17:07:53] <thiago> well, I tried staging stuff yesterday and the button was off
[17:08:03] <lars> I can stage for 5.10.0
[17:08:03] <thiago> it was "dev"
[17:08:08] <thiago> I didn't check other branches
[17:08:17] <thiago> if 5.10.0 is there, good
[17:08:35] <jaheikki3> Yeah, we can stage stuff in 5.10.0
[17:08:55] <jaheikki3> And all needed fixes are already staged, integration is ongoing
[17:09:03] <lars> thiago: not sure what's broken in dev. fregl might know.
[17:09:34] <lars> now we just need to cross fingers that we managed to stabilize COIN during the day :)
[17:10:04] <thiago> how long do we wait for feedback?
[17:10:45] <fregl> thiago: Ossi blocked "dev" in qtbase yesterday since patches had no change going in (the domain issue)
[17:11:07] <thiago> that was fixed before he blocked
[17:11:24] <thiago> the block was useless
[17:11:24] <fregl> thiago: that didn't work somehow as far as I understand
[17:11:33] <fregl> but I'm just the messenger
[17:11:44] <thiago> I brought the domain back so we could integrate stuff
[17:11:45] <jaheikki3> thiago: there has been several betas already so I don't think we need to wait feedback from rc that long; it is the idea behind this new system.
[17:11:56] <lars> thiago: not completely apparently
[17:11:57] <thiago> jaheikki3: sure, but how long?
[17:12:47] <fregl> at least we finally understood what seems to be the issue with Coin, so it should work now (after manual cleanup) we still don't have a proper fix in place. we ended up with duplicate mac addresses, which explains all the connection issues.
[17:13:23] <jaheikki3> I communicated with RC1 that we are planning to get final out at the end of November so I think we don't need to wait more than day or two. That same time is needed for us to execute full test round
[17:13:39] <jaheikki3> thiago: ^^
[17:13:58] <thiago> this week is the end of November
[17:14:17] <thiago> so unless we plan on getting the final out tomorrow or the day after, we miss that deadline
[17:14:44] <thiago> I think we need at least one week between RC1 and final packaging
[17:15:03] <thiago> I'm seeing people in #qt try to build the RC
[17:15:08] <thiago> their feedback may be important
[17:15:24] <The-Compiler> Do you have a link to the RC blocker list?
[17:15:33] <thiago> so far, only one qtwebengine build failure and I don't think it was an RC issue
[17:15:52] <thiago> The-Compiler: search JIRA for P1s with Fix for 5.10.0
[17:16:07] <The-Compiler> I probably won't have the time to build it, but I'll test the binary later today FWIW
[17:16:37] <jaheikki3> https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=18957 is the blocker list
[17:17:48] <jaheikki3> thiago: Yes, that's true. And because we need that RC2 we can't keep the original schedule
[17:18:28] -*- thiago successfully built on mac yesterday
[17:19:36] <jaheikki3> So I think we could have go/no-go meeting for Qt 5.10.0 next tue and target to get Qt 5.10.0 out 7.12 (6.12 is Indepence day in Finland) 
[17:20:40] <jaheikki3> Any comments or questions?
[17:22:24] <thiago> looks good to me
[17:22:57] <jaheikki3> Great, let's end the meeting now & have new one next Tue 
[17:23:11] <jaheikki3> Thanks for your participation, bye!
[17:23:19] <frkleint> bye
[17:23:37] <carewolf> byer
[17:23:43] <lars> bye

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