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Thank you Andre for sending this link.

If you can reply that thread then may be you can reply that :

FAQ are supposed to be moved to QnA forum and that new QnA forum should be named as FAQ
where question and answer type question will be there.

If some FAQ's really needs to befixed or changed please point that out to me , I will fix that for now since very few people can edit it today :)

I guess those FAQ's needs to be corrected and someone from us should take this opportunity to correct them, let's discuss this in our next  meeting.

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For those not following the Development list, there is currently a bit
of a discussion on that list that is really about the web issues. André
Pönitz seems to have clear opinions on roles and their relations to the
current roles in the Qt developers community, that are worth reading in
considdering in relation to the discussion we had last monday.

This is the first posting in that topic:


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