[Web] DevDays 2012 videos - upload to qt-project.org?

Samu Voutilainen smar at smar.fi
Sat Dec 15 12:03:12 CET 2012

On Saturday 15 December 2012 10:16:01 Gerolf Reinwardt wrote:
> The interesting part here is, whether YouTube hosts the resolution of the
> videos, that are hosted on dev net. I have no experience with that.
> Additionally, what happens if they are removed from youtube (can that
> happen?) by someone?
> Cheers
> 	Gerolf

Videos removed from Youtube counts are ”removed”, that is, there is no way to 
recover them. A copy must be kept atleast somewhere if one wants to ensure the 
video will continue to exist.

I would vote against using Youtube as sole channel of distribution, for some 
needs simply having a link where to download video, maybe for some extra 
quality (Youtube’s audio quality especially is sometimes really bad), maybe 
for throwing in to mplayer... You get the rest. 

Having Youtube, or some other fancy html5 player, is IMHO nice addition to 
video links. The procedure for Youtube videos just is that someone goes there, 
uploads the video to there and then shares the link, embeds the player or 

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