[Android-development] Help needed to test Ministro v9.6.5

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 27 09:14:01 CET 2013

Hello again,

I've found two more problems in Ministro 9.6.4, it didn't extract all needed themes and it didn't clean properly the old theme, so I'm asking your help one more time.

Please download it from https://files.kde.org/necessitas/installer/test/Ministro%20II%20v9.6.5.apk and repeat the tests:
0. Remove Ministro and download the one from Google Play. Run an application to make sure it download the Qt libs.
1. upgrade the existing Ministro (run $ adb install -r Ministro II v9.6.5.apk). All the existing apps should work without triggering any new downloads, it should only trigger the style & ssl extraction only once.
2. uninstall the old one and do a full test. The apps should trigger the libs downloads.

If nobody reports any regressions, I'll publish it on Google and Amazon after two weeks (starting tomorrow).

Thank you !


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