[Development] [Qt5-feedback] 3rdpart platform plugins, tests and CI

Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger at freyther.de
Mon Oct 31 09:20:26 CET 2011

On 10/24/2011 04:21 PM, Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:
> On 10/24/2011 04:01 AM, Rohan McGovern wrote:

Hi again,

the response I am responding to ended up in moderation, I am now properly
subscribed (in contrast of using gmane.org). Just to recap, I have not
asked/intended to just switch off pulse and not work until a new public system
is in place. The problem for me is, I don't know how pulse works, so building
a 'compatible' system is difficult.

I went ahead and setup a public jenkins on a shiny new server at hetzner,
right now it is just tracking changes for Qtbase[1] (ipv4/ipv6), Jenkins has
some Gerrit integration out-of-the-box but I am not sure how it relates to
what you have with pulse.

I am not sure which config you have with Pulse. In Jenkins there is the
concept of a 'Job' (e.g. build a project in a specific config), what I am not
sure how to configure is to have the same Job be executed for (ARM, MIPS, X86,
AMD64..). How is this done with Pulse? Is there a single 'Job' or one job for
each target platform? Is the EWS provided by the Pulse system as well?

My goal for this week is to at least have one build node connected to the
system to build Qt, maybe track gerrit and to understand what the GAP between
Pulse and Jenkins is. I am happy to give you admin privileges to the jenkins
installation (you need to create the account first) and ssh to the jail that
hosts jenkins.


[1] http://qt-jenkins.moiji-mobile.com/jenkins/job/Qtbase/changes


>> There is some documentation at http://wiki.qt-project.org/index.php/Public_Autotest_Infrastructure
>> which should be expanded.

this redirects to the mainpage

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