[Development] qt-jambi-interest at qt.nokia.com

Darryl Miles darryl-mailinglists at netbauds.net
Mon Dec 3 17:47:09 CET 2012

I understand on not getting direct access to the old subscriber list due 
to privacy concerns.

Yes I think it worthwhile to send a last email to all subscribers 
explaining that the list(s) have now shutdown with a list of new 
resources and new places and a suggested replacement mailing-list.

If the Qt Jambi mailing list moves to be hosted @list.qt-project.org 
what kind of assurances might there be that this same scenario doesn't 
happen again ?  This seems a pertinent question to ask, particularly if 
some of the same hands are managing the new location as did the old.

With regards to the other matters does anyone have any answer to those 
questions ?

Getting the mailing-list 'archives' between September and November ? 
Maybe it can be explained why the data is not listed, maybe a reader of 
this list knows the name of someone who might know the answer.

About that legal at qt-project.org is there a direct dial number for that 
department ?  How exactly does the department work.

It would be most useful to be able to communicate with Qt Project 
concerning the Qt Jambi project and I welcome Thiago's comment relating 
to supporting the Jambi effort and the need to be asking.

Over the time I have been involved with the Qt Jambi project I believe 
at least 3 different individuals have tried at different times to make 
contact with Nokia to raise questions.  I remember being in a telephone 
conference call at one point with at least one representative of Nokia 
involved.  It was felt there was certainly interest and will to assist 
at the software developer level within Nokia but there was no interest 
by those above and no response.

Unfortunately the lack of progress on these matters is now having a 
negative impact on the Qt Jambi project so I have set a timescale to the 
end of Q1 2013 to have pushed past these issues.

But first back to getting that contact at legal at qt-project.org.

The purpose of the contact is for the Qt project to clarify their 
understanding of us and well as our understanding of them.

As well as work through some backlog matters hampering progress with the 
Qt Jambi project.

> I also think we should migrate the jambi repositories from gitorious over to qt-project.org.

If this is a serious suggestion you should definitely get 
legal at qt-project.org to get in contact so this can be discussed and 
worked on so it can be setup as a goal we can work towards, because 
right now this is not a goal due to lack of dialog; as potentially 
blocking matters exist that need to be resolved.


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