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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Dec 3 20:23:39 CET 2012

On segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012 16.47.09, Darryl Miles wrote:
> Yes I think it worthwhile to send a last email to all subscribers
> explaining that the list(s) have now shutdown with a list of new
> resources and new places and a suggested replacement mailing-list.
> If the Qt Jambi mailing list moves to be hosted @list.qt-project.org
> what kind of assurances might there be that this same scenario doesn't
> happen again ?  This seems a pertinent question to ask, particularly if
> some of the same hands are managing the new location as did the old.

There isn't. In fact, there's a very likely guarantee that this problem will 
happen again if the list needs to be moved.

Subscriber lists are under strict privacy rules and the Qt Project will not be 
allowed to share those lists with anyone else, unless we added a checkbox for 
people to select whether they'd like their addresses to be shared. This 
checkbox needs to be unchecked by default according to European (digital) 
privacy guidelines.

> With regards to the other matters does anyone have any answer to those
> questions ?

I cannot answer them, which is why I didn't in the first place when you posted.

> Getting the mailing-list 'archives' between September and November ?
> Maybe it can be explained why the data is not listed, maybe a reader of
> this list knows the name of someone who might know the answer.

My guess is that there *are* no archives. The emails were either not archived 
or the data has been lost.

> About that legal at qt-project.org is there a direct dial number for that
> department ?  How exactly does the department work.

There's one person from Digia that has been assigned as the legal contact for 
the project. Why do you need to call this person? Is this person not 
responding to emails?

> It would be most useful to be able to communicate with Qt Project
> concerning the Qt Jambi project and I welcome Thiago's comment relating
> to supporting the Jambi effort and the need to be asking.

You are communicating with us.

> > I also think we should migrate the jambi repositories from gitorious over
> > to qt-project.org.
> If this is a serious suggestion you should definitely get
> legal at qt-project.org to get in contact so this can be discussed and
> worked on so it can be setup as a goal we can work towards, because
> right now this is not a goal due to lack of dialog; as potentially
> blocking matters exist that need to be resolved.

Why does the legal contact need to be involved with this?

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