[Development] No implementation hints in Qt Documentation

Pierre Vorhagen pvorhagen at gmail.com
Thu May 3 12:18:47 CEST 2012


I regularly find myself browsing and grep'ing through the source tree to 
find the implementation of a given class, referenced in the Qt 
Documentation. Of course, as a newbie to Qt internals, I don't yet 
intuitively know where all the classes are located.

I find that the insight into the implementation of an API to be one of 
the major strong points of open source frameworks, because it not only 
gives a better understanding of how to use the function, it also helps 
greatly in avoiding problems that become obvious once you see what lies 
beneath. Although the docs are generally very helpful as is, and may be 
enough for some programmers, I think it would be an addition of great 
value to enable quicker access to implementations from the docs. This 
could be done via a direct hyperlink to the implementation, I think 
doxygen has such a feature, but I think that even a simple 
path/to/the/implementation would already be a great thing. (In Java, for 
instance, this is naturallly present with the java.util.path.to.package 

This is something that integrates well with the open governance concept 
too, as I think that there's still a considerable gap between users and 
contributors of Qt. Maybe this is something to consider in order to 
narrow it a little more.



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