[Development] Enable Exceptions for Windows CE as default

Giuseppe D'Angelo dangelog at gmail.com
Wed May 9 12:28:30 CEST 2012

On 9 May 2012 10:22, Olivier Goffart <olivier at woboq.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 May 2012 09:45:31 Andreas Holzammer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was hitting qtxmlpatterns not compiling, because Exceptions are not
>> enabled by default for Windows CE. My guess is that this was done for
>> performance and or security reasons.
>> I would like to propose that we enable the Exceptions for Windows CE for
>> Qt5 as default. If you have concerns, comments or issues with that,
>> please answer to this mail and explain it.
> You can enable exceptions only in xmlpattern.  They are not suppose to
> "traverse" other layers of Qt.
> In particular, Qt does not play well with exceptions.  They won't pass trough
> the event loop, and most of the Qt code is not exceptions safe (code often do
> not expect a signal to throw)
> So it is probably better to leave them disabled, as exceptions still add lot
> of code to the binary, and that won't be of any use

I think the point here is that
1) xmlpatterns doesn't build under any platform if exceptions are
disabled (it won't "expose" exceptions in its API / propagate them,
but it uses them internally);
2) WinCE *always* get exceptions disabled.

While 1) is of course a design decision (so far, so good) what's the
reason for 2)? Prevent a massive code expansion? Broken MS compilers?

Giuseppe D'Angelo

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