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kai.koehne at nokia.com kai.koehne at nokia.com
Wed May 9 16:12:15 CEST 2012

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> Given the lack of comment I'll try to rephrase this.
> If I could debug a Qml application the same way I can debug html5/JavaScript
> it would help Qml uptake a lot.
> This would require a Qml document object model (DOM) and a debugger
> capable of inspecting Qml, JavaScript and c++.
> Is this possible already or is this one of the "Qml tools" being developed?

Hi Philip,

Qt Creator features a QML/JS debugger (setting breakpoints, stepping etc). This one can run along the C++ one, so that you can e.g. hit both C++ and js breakpoints in one run.

It also has an 'Inspector' which allows you to explore the QML object tree interactively by either walking the tree or clicking on elements in your app. It also features a profiler that let you trace the state of the QML engine, how bindings are evaluated etc over time. It also has a 'QML Console" that works much like the JS console from web browsers.

Speak up if you're missing some particular feature from the web world, or find bugs.



PS: For using the features in Qt 5 you need a fairly recent Qt Creator, 2.5 minimum.

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